3 Ways to Download Files Online

Whether you have come across the latest book that might be expensive to buy or journals you want to read. Downloading files from trusted warez sites is a must, otherwise, there could be malware waiting to attack your computer or laptop. Never download attachments from emails that you are not sure about and also sites you cannot trust or have a bad reputation.

The most dangerous files that are downloadable often come with .exe extensions. They could pose an active threat because they run a program to extract the files.  Always open a site where there are downloadable files and also you have downloaded from them before or your friends and near ones have recommended. Here are 3 ways by which you could download files online and stay safe too.

1. Downloading Files Online On Desktop

Clicking on the URL bar, you should then type the kind of file you would like to download. Whether it is a picture, video, or a PDF, or even any reading file, it could also be a setup for your computer or even software. Always make sure that the site is secure by checking the secured lock on the address bar.

If it is a picture, first click on the image link on the page below the search bar and ensure you are downloading from a reputable site. On every side, there will be no universal download button, and you have to look out for it. For pictures, ‘Save Image As’ works every time and for a file, a simple download works.

2. Downloading On An iPhone

The default app for iPhone is Safari and though one cannot download setup files or even text files on iPhone, you can easily download photos. When you open the photo you wish to save, just tap on it and hold the photo and a menu will pop up. The image will then be downloaded which you can then find in the Photos app.

3. Downloading On Android

Everyone has an android phone nowadays and downloading from trusted warez sites ensures there is no third party trying to hack into your devices and have access to your personal information. Open the browsing app and enter the document or the picture you wish to download. Tap and hold the button and a popup menu will come where you should be clicking on the download option.

These are the three common ways by which you could download files on various devices and enjoy uninterrupted videos, reading time, and a lot more.

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