5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a popular choice for packaging, shipping and storage purposes due to their affordability, accessibility and versatility. However, improper use of boxes can lead to issues such as damaged goods, wasted resources or even injury. This article will go over five of the most common mistakes to avoid when using cardboard boxes so you can ensure your items are packaged securely, efficiently and hassle-free.

Using Oversized Boxes

One of the most common mistakes is using a box that’s simply too large for the item being sent or stored. An oversized box can result in wasted space and materials, which increases shipping costs, as well as a higher risk of damage to any items stored inside due to excessive movement. To avoid these issues, carefully measure the dimensions of your item and select a cardboard box that closely matches its size and shape.

 Failing to Secure Boxes Properly

Another common mistake is not securing cardboard boxes properly. A poorly sealed box can lead to accidents, injuries due to falling items, or even a complete loss of items during transportation and storage. To ensure your boxes are secure, use strong tape, straps or zip ties to seal them tightly. Take some time to also clearly label each box with its contents to help prevent any confusion or mix-ups when moving or sending items.

H2: Overloading Boxes with Heavy Items

Placing excessively heavy items in a cardboard box can result in overloading, causing the box to break or collapse. While it may be tempting to load a box with as much weight as possible, doing so greatly increases the risk of injury to anyone handling the box. When packaging heavy items, use strong and durable boxes specifically designed to hold the weight range of the items you’ll be packing, and also be sure to evenly distribute the contents to maintain structural integrity.

 Creating Holes in the Bottom of Boxes

Puncturing or creating holes in the bottom of cardboard boxes is another common mistake to avoid. Holes can cause leakage, spillage or contamination of the items inside, as well as compromise the stability and strength of the box. Refrain from making any holes in cardboard boxes unless absolutely necessary, and instead look for other solutions to address ventilation or drainage needs. Also be sure to check your boxes for any accidental puncturing or holes before sending or storing them.

 Neglecting to Reuse or Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Failing to reuse or recycle cardboard boxes contributes to environmental problems such as waste generation, pollution and resource depletion. Instead of discarding boxes after a single use, consider reusing them for future shipping or storage needs. If reusing is not an option, recycle cardboard boxes to help conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials.


By avoiding the above mistakes when using cardboard boxes, you can ensure that your items are packaged securely, efficiently and with minimal environmental impact. Properly selecting and disposing of cardboard boxes will help protect your goods and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient packaging process overall.

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