5 mistakes to avoid when online job advertising

The internet has made everything easy. You can now quickly get applicants and hire them online. This all starts with a simple job advertisement. There are many areas where you can post a job. You may choose to use social media, websites that offer free job advertising, or other paid-for online platforms. When posting, your advertisement’s content determine whether a potential applicant will apply. Regrettably, there are several mistakes that people make in their postings. Here are some of them;

Writing Long Paragraphs

While going through job ads, applicants are more likely to read that short post than a long paragraph. Make their job easier and be clear and concise. Avoid being complex as that will keep them away. Communicate effectively and using simple terms. You could also break up the text by incorporating different forms of sentences. Add some bullet points in the middle to break the monotony. Images are also a valuable addition, as they communicate very fast. Once they attract potential applicants, they become motivated to read the text.

Not Clarifying the Job Role

Right from the title of the position, there needs to be a lot of clarity. For example, if you are advertising to find a social media marketer, that should be your job title and not a marketer. When you put the title as a marketer, more people will apply, but not necessarily those conversant with social media marketing. The job description needs to be as transparent as possible. Specify the roles of the position and the expected qualifications. The nature of the job is also essential. Communicate whether it’s a remote working position, part-time or fulltime. This will increase the probability of getting the applicant the best fit for the job.

Limiting Access to Desktops and Laptops only

Most people have full-time access to their mobile phones and not their laptops or desktops. Therefore, right from the formatting, make sure it’s easily readable by phone users. If you are using a recruitment agency or website, ensure it caters to phone users. Job boards, like Zoek offer custom software, specifically designed to help you get your vacancies in front of hundreds of job seekers effectively. A job seeker should be able to see, read the job listing comfortably, and apply. Limiting access to only computers makes you lose out on a considerable number of potential applicants.

Using Keywords Wrongly

Keywords ensure that more people view your job advertisement. It is essential to conduct a keyword search before advertising to find out standard job titles. This will help you in crafting your job title and description, which increases viewership. At the same time, avoid using excess and unnatural keywords or phrases. This may lead to a lot of views, but limited applications as applicants lose interest quickly when you do not communicate effectively.

Not Indicating the Benefits

Applicants are looking to earn in exchange for their services. This makes the salary range very important in a job ad. Apart from the salary, mention other benefits such as health insurance that come with the position. This will give your advert advantage over others, and applicants are more likely to apply.

Often, most people do not give much thought to a job ad, which leads to overlooking essential factors. Think thoroughly through any job ad. Remember always to analyze the readability and search engine optimization of your ad. This way, you are assured of the best results.

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