5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for College Students

College life poses myriad challenges to students; these include tuition, homework, and social engagements. Luckily, the advent of mobile apps has since made everything a lot easier. With renowned mobile app developers like Mobile app developer Sydney, you can now get different mobile apps to match your requirements. They are handy educational resources for learners and tutors alike and benefit students in many ways.

What are the leading mobile apps for students? Read on for great ideas.

  1. myHomework

myHomework is a famous student planner for all college students. It’s ideal for English speakers and helps students stay organized with class tasks. It’s useful for assignments, quizzes, tests, and many more. It allows learners to set reminders for essential class tasks, save class schedules, and set deadlines for class assignments. With this mobile app, you’ll have access to data on all the already submitted projects.

  1. Pocket

Research is an integral aspect of all college students. However, time may not allow you to go through all the materials at a time. The Pocket mobile app is handy in such instances. You can use it to save your information and refer to it later on.

How does this work? You only need to add links to your Pocket app and refer to them at your convenience. This way, you won’t have to waste time digging on your browser history for information found earlier. Moreover, you can use Pocket to tag your links depending on the semesters, course, year or whatever way you want to organize your data.

  1. Dropbox

If you have ever experienced data loss, I presume you know how harddisks can mess you up. Instead of leaving your data on the hard disk that can crash unexpectedly, Dropbox makes a better alternative. It helps you to save your data and make it accessible from anywhere. It also allows learners to keep backup copies for assignments, term papers, and other vital learning materials.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a potent tool for class sessions. It aids learners to take notes during studies. It also allows you to use images and voice notes if need be. It helps students who find it had to stay alert dung night lecturers.

You can use the app to listen to the lecture at your convenient time. If at all you don’t want to take notes during lectures, Evernote is all you need.

  1. Toshl

College life comes with lots of expenses, which can be stressful for any student on a budget. You have to spend on books, clothes, parties, and other necessities. As such, it’s not easy to manage your finances, and Toshl will come to your rescue. It’s a finance app that enables you to set a budget and stick to it. You can as well sync the app to the cloud.

The bottom line

Mobile apps make life easier for students. They can accomplish a host of tasks, and this improves the entire learning experience. They save a lot of time and ease access to information. Take advantage of the best student apps, and make your life in college less stressful.

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