5 Pro Tips to Give Your Significant Other a Massage Like an Expert

A great massage can feel like love letters to the whole body. Whether you seek to relieve your chronic pain or want to go for a self-care splurge at the spa, there are many reasons to get a massage.

Usually, professional rubdowns are great, especially if you require bodywork for a medical or sports injury. However, giving massages to the person you love has its own rewards.

As a couple, you will experience a more profound connection both emotionally and physically. Kneading knots on your partner can also be a perfect way to show selfless affection, express vulnerability, foster trust, and improve communication. If you want you to enjoy these benefits as a couple, here are pro tips you can consider:

1.   Establish an Effortless Intimacy

Experts offering massage in Calgary suggest that offering couples massage can help to establish intimacy during the whole experience. Typically, intimacy is about being close to another individual, and it cannot be an automatic occurrence in relationships.

The best way to nurture this is to spend more time together and concentrate on one another. When massaging, you will need to focus on absolute attention and see the connection skyrocket.

2.   Allow Your Partner to Decide on the Pressure

You may ask your partner if it is enough or too much. If your significant other winces or tenses up, this could be a sign that he/she is uncomfortable.

Heavier pressures are significant for tight muscles, but gentle firm touches will develop trust and allow your partner to relax more. Communicating and listening to your significant other will enable you as a couple to know each other’s needs and even build a more profound connection or trust.

3.   Use the Best Oils

Massage oils are affordable to purchase, and getting quality ones can bring the difference to your massage session.

You may get massage oils at the supermarket, giant box stores, or even health food shops. Some of the best massage oils you can get include:

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

4.   Set the Right Tone

Most experts offering massage therapy Calgary services say that massage is usually meant to de-stress and relax. This means if you want to give your significant other a massage, you might need to establish an ambiance of serenity and peace.

To achieve this, be sure to play soothing music, light a few scented candles, and dim lights around your massage area. Ensure the temperature in the room is also warmer than usual to make your partner feel comfortable.

5.   Prepare a Warm and Nice Bath

Baths are usually a great way to begin your night. To achieve this, let your partner relax with a bath as you prepare the massage area.

This will help ensure that you relax your spouse and warm up his or her muscles before starting the massage session.

In Conclusion!

In your busy life, it might be challenging to connect with your spouse in various ways, which can establish more intimacy and strengthen your relationship.

Giving your spouse a simple massage will be a perfect way to make your partner feel nurtured and boost intimacy. You don’t have to be an expert. All you require is to prepare a massage area and get the correct oil.

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