5 Products You Need During a Festive Rush

Festivities are all about spreading joy with your loved ones. They give us respite from our boring little routines and give us moments of peace, love, and togetherness. Indian festivals make people dress up in their traditional best and feast on delicious, sweet treats and savoury items. As we approach the end of the year, festivals such as Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, etc., are soon to bring joy to our lives. However, festivals do tend to become cumbersome events for those who organise events or prepare food. Parents who tend to be the ones to oversee festivities could have a hard time during festivals due to the sheer rush of things needed to be done and more. This is why it is important to be prepared in advance.

Stocking up on festival items beforehand and making lists of tasks required for the occasion makes the day easier to enjoy for all. Some of the main items that are required during festivals are puja items like agarbatti, matchsticks, diyas and more and food items such as sweets, ghee, spices etc. We have shortlisted 5 main products that are absolutely necessary during a festive rush:


Since most Hindu festivals hold pujas or prayers, it is important to have certain puja items handy. Incense products such as agarbattis are vital for creating a pious and calm environment required during puja time. Chandan agarbatti is a type of incense stick with a sandalwood fragrance that can give off surreal temple-like energy wherever it is used. Having it in your home during festivals will surely be advantageous.

Along with agarbattis, dhoop sticks are also effective incense items that last long, keep insects away and create a devotional atmosphere for religious rituals and more.


Buying a fresh bag of flowers early in the morning on festival days can be the best way to be ready for any occasion. Flowers hold a double significance on festivals. Most rituals require flower decorations of a temple and many a time, flower petals are showered upon Gods during prayer. And, flowers are also used as decoration in and around the home to welcome guests. The doorstep too is usually adorned with flowers and fresh mango leaves and the floors generally contain fresh flowers and beautiful rangoli designs.

Ready-to-eat foods

Be prepared to stock on some ready-to-eat foods in case you run out of festive foods. There are numerous brands with high-quality festive dishes made in the ready-to-eat form for you to try. These include Kitchens of India, Aashirvaad Instant Meals and more.

Ghee and Oil

Cooking and pujas require oil and ghee. Many fried foods are cooked in ghee and oil during festivals hence making these two items very important. Oil is also used to light lamps, and ghee is used in fire rituals or Havans along with prasad. Traditional sweets too are made with ghee, hence it is necessary to make sure that your home is well-stocked with oil and ghee.

Festive Snacks

Instead of preparing food for only the family members make sure to estimate the number of potential guests that could visit your home on the festive occasion. Use this estimate to prepare festive snacks beforehand. This way your home is always able to serve festive snacks to your guests and increase your enjoyment.

With these 5 important items you can be sure to have a smooth and worry-free festive season.

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