5 Simple Business Ideas to start

Every one would think that starting a business need huge investment. However, there are thousands of business ideas which can be started with zero investment to low investment. While investment could be one part, the success could also depend on how well you are starting the business, what strategies you are adopting to boost your business. The first step in this entire process is identifying a simple business idea to start. If you are one among them who are in initial stages of identifying business ideas, you can try these 5 simple business ideas.

5 Simple Business Ideas to start

Let us quickly jump into these business ideas.

1) Food Truck: If you are good in cooking, you can start food truck business. You may need 1-2 people to assist you. You can choose a good location which is near to offices / commercial places where there is crowd. You can prepare variety of foods for break-fast, lunch, evening snacks and for dinner. The success would depend on the quality of food you are cooking.

2) Florist: There are several occasions to greet with flowers. It could be new year, party, wedding, birthday etc., wishing with flower bockey is one of the best way to greet people. You can open a florist shop with variety of flowers and bockeys and earn decent money. If you can engage the distributor of flowers, you can just focus on preparing designer bockeys and attracting the customers.

3) Printed Photo mugs and plates: These days people don’t love plain coffee mugs and plates. There is trend where one would love their photo printed on such coffee mugs and platets. People are also loving to give printed coffee mugs on birthdays or wedding which can create unique one instead of regular gifts which have become boring these days. Why don’t you start photo mugs business with low investment? This could be one of the good small scale business ideas to start now.

4) Day care for Children: If you love kids, you can start day care for children. You can start this at your home itself or rent a small place and start. If you rent, it might cost you little bit. You can hire 1-2 people who can assist you in day to day activities in day care. This is every green business idea as most of the women are also working and going to offices these days.

5) Home Tutor: These days children don’t study at home regularly. They need dedicated time for studying for 1-2 hours in a day. If you are good at teaching, you can start as home tutor. There are two options. First option is where you visit children home, teach kids and charge monthly fees. Second Option is where you ask them to come to your home and you can teach. The second option comes with lower earnings. But you can invite several children at same time and teach them in one go. You can consider this business idea even if you are doing a job or student or housewife.

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