5 Temporary Tattoos Worth Trying Out No Matter Your Age

When thinking of changing your style by adding some new things to your list, a closet change and creating a new look cannot be enough. This is why some people choose to go out of their way to try tattoos. Tattoos can be either permanent or temporary tattoos.

Some people do not prefer permanent body tattoos and the various temporary tattoo types are just as real. The temporary tattoos give you a chance to experiment and arrive at a particular one that matches your needs and changes your style as you expect. Currently, temporary tattoos are available in various qualities. Additionally, they are made to match every age unlike the ones initially meant for kids to play and come off quickly on taking a shower.

Types of Temporary Tattoos

  1. Metallic tattoos

Metallic tattoos are temporary tattoos with a metallic shine. You have probably seen people posting or wearing metallic tattoos. These tattoos are usually golden or silver and give an effect just like that of metals. You can use any temporary tattoo styles but aim at using yellow and brown colours to create the golden effect or for silver-like metallic tattoos you can apply grey ink. Additionally, there are also metallic tattoos that are designed to look like bracelets or rings. There are also metallic transfer tattoos and are currently created in various designs including words and signs.

  1. Temporary small tattoos

Some people find permanent tattoos to be very painful and require one’s commitment.

Tiny temporary tattoos are a great alternative for people who want no pain or feel like they should hide their tattoos from people. Temporary tiny tattoos are made in several designs and symbols. They are easy to apply, and you can choose to have the same symbol or design in various parts of your body. Additionally, they allow you to try on various body parts before settling on one area.

  1. Henna Tattoos

Many people do not consider henna tattoos as a type of temporary tattoo. Henna tattoos have become popular and are usually made using a type of ink that is extracted from powdered leaves. The ink is made by grounding the leaves into a powder then creating the powder into a henna paste used to make the tattoos. One limitation of henna tattoos is the range of colours available. The colours commonly used are brown, red, or orange.

  1. Airbrush Temporary tattoos

Airbrush tattoos are also applied like other types of temporary tattoos. The tattoo is applied onto your skin using either the tribal airbrush tattoo paint or ink which is brushed on top of the stencil chosen. The airbrush temporary tattoos can also be made to last longer by frequent application of baby talc which has alcohol.

  1. Ballpoint pen tattoos

The ballpoint pen has been used severally for body art creation. The tattoos created using ballpoint pens are mostly common in video and film creation in which the people on set should have particular tattoos. The ballpoint pen is used just like the tattoo gun and requires the use of ink.


Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos only last for a few weeks or days depending on the type of temporary tattoo you wear. This means that you will not have to regret or feel any pain. The temporary tattoos are also easy to apply and are made in several designs that you can choose from. Additionally, they can be taken care of to last longer or removed using a suitable medium. If you fear the pain from tattooing and would love to create or experience a new style through tattoos, the temporary tattoos will be the best for you.

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