5 Things You Don’t Need To Buy After Installing Synthetic Turf

Some of the things you’ll no longer need may surprise you, but after synthetic turf installation, lots of pleasantries are in store for your household. Colorado Springs residents enjoy year-round, beautiful lawns once synthetic turf is installed. This is in addition to the time and money they save. Take a look at our short list of five of the many items no longer needed after artificial grass installation.

  1. Pesticides: Grubs, ants, and a host of other pests damage our lawns and all the effort put toward maintaining a delightful landscape. Say farewell to those dangerous, expensive chemicals and pesticides -and the pests you’re looking to prevent- after synthetic turf installation. Year-round lawn beauty is yours after synthetic turf installation.
  2. Herbicides: Like pesticides, herbicides contain harsh, sometimes dangerous chemicals intended to kill weeds and other threats to the grass. The herbicides become trapped in the soil and absorb in the air, where they can make family and pets sick.
  3. Lawnmower: Lawn Mowers are expensive, although cheaper than professional grass cutting services that you’d need without ownership of the machine. Neither are necessary after synthetic turf installation, since artificial grass doesn’t grow! This easily saves hundreds of dollars as well as time and hassle of mowing the yard or finding a good landscaping company.
  4. Allergy Medicine: Okay, so maybe  tossing out the bottle of Benadryl isn’t a good idea if you reside in Colorado, but rest assured you’ll need less and less of the product once you’ve installed synthetic turf.
  5. Pet Allergy Treatment: Even Fido benefits from artificial turf installation.  Allergies affect animals as well as humans. Our pets itch and suffer from many of the same symptoms as humans when allergies strike. Pollen is the culprit of allergies for many people and pets. Synthetic turf eliminates the need for expensive vet visits and medications for pet allergies.

Artificial turf is popular in The Springs and throughout Colorado. Homeowners and business owners alike use the product to enhance their landscapes and perfect the aesthetic appeal at their property. Call Top Notch Turf to learn how to be a part of the crowd and fall in love with your landscaping all over again.

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