5 Tips On How to Find The Perfect Roommate For You

When I decided to shift to Pune to pursue my graduation at a reputed university, one of the first things I decided to take care of, was to look for a good 1 BHK flat in Pune. While there were multiple good options that I was going through, I realized that to afford the flat, I had to find a compatible roommate sooner than later! After a long search, I managed to get in touch with a person who is still my roommate even after 4 years! In today’s blog, I will give you the best tips on how to find roommate that suits best for you!

  1. Decide Between Student or Working Professional

My first tip on how to find perfect roommate is to decide whether you want to live with a student or a working professional. You may not think that this is a big deal, but trust me it makes a huge difference. Students tend to be more ‘liberal’ as they are in the age of house parties, late-night movie binge-watching. On the other hand, a working professional will be home only during the non-working hours and will have a fixed schedule!

  1. Ask Plenty of Questions

The only way you can know if the person can be an ideal roommate to you is if you ask the right questions. You can ask anything from their interests to their expectations from you as the roommate. Here are some questions that you should ask:

  • Daily schedule
  • Do they indulge in smoking or drinking
  • How often they will have house guests
  • Does he/she play any musical instrument
  • How much does the person earn
  • Any health issues
  1. House Rules Preferences

To finalize on a good roommate you need to know if their preferences and behavior will suit you or not. Being a roommate, you don’t just share the room but you will also be sharing the other areas such as the bathroom, living room, or the kitchen. Deciding the house rules is crucial before you decide on whom to choose as your roommate. If you are uncomfortable with non-vegetarian food or loud music, then you need to make it clear and establish some house rules.

  1. Choose Someone Willing to Help

One of the best tips on finding the perfect roommate that I can give you is to find someone who is a helpful person. When you move into a new house there is plenty of work to be done before and after moving in. You don’t want a roommate who will act pricey about doing household work and hence you should choose wisely!

  1. Check the Social Media Profile

Today, everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and this has made it easier for people to find a compatible roommate. Once you have met with the prospective roommate, you can check their social media profiles to see if you can know more about them. This will also help you unlock some hidden information and make your decision easier.

The above mentioned were just 5 of the best tips on how to find a perfect roommate. I can guarantee you that following the above tips will save you time and finish your search for the best roommate.

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