6 Hot Kitchen Design Inspirations For Your Kitchen:

Kitchens are an essential part of our homes. Whether it’s the 21st century or the previous times, kitchens are the centre of the family. A place that joins the entire family time to time, a place where memories are made and meals are prepped. It’s a comfort place and safe haven for all the members.

Where in the previous times, kitchens were small and simple but in present times, kitchens are more towards the aesthetic and stylish side with stainless ranges and an equally charming hood vent. We often find guests circling around the kitchen at parties and the kitchen being used by all age groups at all times. Hence, it is important for the kitchen to be handy.

Here are following are 8 stylish designs for your kitchen:

  • Minimal White Aesthetic:

White can never go wrong and if paired with minimalism, name a better duo. Minimalism, though present in the past too, is a recent rising aesthetic preferred by many, in various fields. An all white kitchen with countertops and flooring in white with black lamps, gives deadly finish.

  • Dine-in Table:

A dine-in option is popular amongst modern kitchen ideas and designs. What started as a reason for busy schedules and small space in houses had now turned into a popular kitchen style. The countertop and kitchen is built in a way that food is not only prepped there but also consumed there on a table that is an extention of the countertop.

  • The Industrial Kitchen:

Another popular and trendy design, which might not be accepted by our parents for it gives too much of a ‘raw’ element, but it is this ‘raw’ element that makes this kitchen stand out for the new generation. A white and grey interior with the key element: a striking retro-industrial lighting hanging from the ceiling in matte black with a hot yellow lighting. The latest kitchen designs in Australia have the trendiest supplies for you to get your own kitchen of your own aesthetic. Based in Australia, they have got your back!

  • Concrete and Wood:

The natural and raw finish is an unbeatable classic of present times.

The bare concrete walls, wooden floors, wood cabinet doors and shelving. Modern cabinetry keeps the surfaces sleek and clean. If you are into dark colours but not entirely a black colour fan, this kitchen design is God sent for you. Dark aesthetics for the win!

  • A Well-lit kitchen:

This modern kitchen enjoys a good amount of lighting from it’s wide glass window and open floor plan. The sunlight radiating positive vibes into the kitchen each day. The silver fittings perfectly go along with the sharp and smooth grey marble floor, grey cabinets, walls and counters. The wood cabinet doors add in warmth to the entire kitchen.

  • Modern farmhouse Interior:

A modern farmhouse kitchen features the classic glass and bulb pendant lights, wooden seats and floors. It’s modern elements include floating shelves, plain white walls and a sleek cabinetry. Add a touch of water plants in clear pots or simple plants and you are good to go!

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