A Brief Perspective on Dental Implants Vs Dentures

The loss of a tooth is grave. It not only leads to pain and deterioration in self-esteem but also gives you a sunken face which lessens your aesthetics. In such cases, the options which we are left with are two. Either we can get an implant or we can get dentures for our teeth.

Even in the olden times, when modern science had not advanced, people used to replace their lost teeth with dentures which were a perfect combination of human bone, hippopotamus ivory and metal fasteners. However, science has developed today and you have the option to get your teeth fixed with the best experts.

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These are the removable appliances that are put in the mouth. They replicate the complete jaw or only the missing teeth, depending on the need. They are very commonly used by those people who fear surgery. While the complete dentures rest on your jaw, the partial ones take the support of clasps around the existing teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

1- They are less expensive than implants.

2- These can be simply placed by the patients who have some experience in bone or gum loss. Implant on the other hand requires expertise and skill.

3- The process of applying the dentures is not invasive. There is not surgery or drilling involved which makes the process less scary.

4- The process of making dentures is really fast. In up to four dental visits, you would be done with the denture job.

Cons of Dentures

1- Since the structure of gums and jaw changes with age, they require replacement and adjustment.

2- They are very uncomfortable in the beginning. A few common initial problems may be excessive salivation, difficulty in chewing and irritability in speaking.

3- They require proper care. If you would not take good care of the dentures, it might lead to infection in the gums and mouth.


Dental implants are the exact replicas of your natural tooth wherein a titanium post is being inserted in your jawbone. This is a permanent process because the implant Osseo integrates with the jawbone. They can be used to replace either the single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on your need.

Pros of Implants

1- A dental implant is highly successful with a success rate of 95%.

2- They are long-lasting. Usually, they stay unaffected till 20 years.

3- They retain your face shape and jaw structure. You would not get that sunken face.

4- They can be applied in a single day.

Cons of Implants

1- They are very costly. They drill a hole, not only in your jaw bone but also in your pocket.

2- They are not suitable for everyone.


Both, the tooth implant and dentures is a good option depending on your requirement and priorities.

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