A Long Beach Residential Architect with an Expansive Portfolio

When homeowners in Long Beach are looking for a residential architect for their home remodel or custom home design, one of things they often look at is the architect’s portfolio—their gallery of completed projects. A portfolio is a great way to find out what types of projects an architect has completed in the past and will often include descriptions of the scope of work that was involved in each. An experienced Long Beach residential architect should have a portfolio that shows a variety of projects—such as residential remodels, as well as new custom homes—in a variety of styles.

Grisafe Architecture in Long Beach is a firm that has an impressive portfolio of residential projects. You won’t just see projects in one particular style in their gallery. Rather, you’ll notice that they work with homeowners with many different ideas about what their dream home should look like.

Perhaps most impressive is Grisafe Architecture’s work on historic homes. Remodeling an historic home in Long Beach takes a special type of expertise. Not only are there additional regulations on homes with historic designations, they also have to go through an additional committee for approval for any exterior changes. And of course, you want to work with an architect who can give you modern-day amenities without compromising your home’s historic character. In their portfolio, Grisafe Architecture highlights their work on a home on the City of Long Beach’s list of historic landmarks (the Henry Clock House). In their project write-up, they talk about how they were able to bring the home back to its original style in areas that had been changed during previous remodels, while also giving the homeowners a great home for entertaining and aging in place.

Don’t Just Look at a Long Beach Residential Architect’s Portfolio

Of course, seeing an architect’s portfolio can be very helpful in determining what type of work an architect is capable of doing, but a portfolio shouldn’t be the only thing you take into consideration when hiring a residential architect in Long Beach.

Your architect should be someone who you can communicate well with—someone who asks insightful questions and truly listens to your answers. Good communication between you and your Long Beach architect is the only way your finished project will accurately reflect your personal style and check all of your boxes.

Grisafe Architecture is known for their excellent client communication and personal approach to design. They truly want their clients to be happy—not just fill their portfolio with unique or “edgy” design. Not every client wants unique or edgy. Most want a home that is designed to their personal style (not necessarily their architect’s preferred style), and that feels like “home” to them.

Before hiring a Long Beach residential architect, make sure you meet with him or her to get a feel for his or her personality and communication style to see if it will mesh well with yours.

Take your time and do your research before hiring a Long Beach residential architect. It can mean the difference be a successful project and one that leaves a lot to be desired.

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