A Look at the Best and Most Amazing Party and Event Themes Post-COVID

There has been some good news on the home front lately, and a lot of people are all set to have some fun once the lockdown in Gloucestershire is truly eased and everyone has gotten their vaccine. If you’re one of those who are raring to go and celebrate come summer, you’re definitely not alone. Many individuals and companies are already planning events and parties when the right time comes, and if you’re thinking of doing the same, here’s a look at the best and most amazing party and event themes post-COVID that can make your celebration extra special and memorable.

  1. A summer festival

Since summer is on its way, what better way to welcome it than by having a summer festival? Summer festivals are all about having fun outdoors, and you can set up a tent where everyone can converge and have food and lots and lots of drinks! You can make it even more awesome with glamping and upbeat music, and set up a vintage bar featuring different gin flavours so people can mix and match their drinks and cocktails. Bunting should also be a requirement for a summer festival, so don’t forget this along with foliage for more appeal. You can also wow your guests with a stage where a live band could play. Some brilliant additions to your summer festival also include pallet seats, festoon lighting, and outdoor furniture.

  1. An Ibiza theme

If you want an event where your guests can chill out and just relax in a casual yet appealing setting, why not create an Ibiza party? Not everyone can travel yet, and if you miss the Ibiza vibe, it’s the perfect time to create your very own Ibiza club. A big outdoor space is perfect for this, and you can create your own beach holiday with low seats (preferably in white!), poseur tables, special lighting, and of course, lasers. You can also make it more attractive by throwing in some palm trees, sandpits, and Ibiza music to set the ambience, and party planners in Gloucestershire like Oasis Events are more than ready and willing to help your event become a success.

  1. A Wild West theme

Another excellent party idea for the summer is a Wild West event, complete with bales of hay, barrels, and even wagons. Rustic decorations are key to your Wild West theme as well and don’t forget wooden tables and benches and white bunting to complete the look. If you want your guests to hoe down, create a wooden dance floor where they can all have fun dancing to country music. For the best entertainment, set up some game booths and stalls and even a rodeo bull – nothing is as ‘Wild West’ as this!

  1. An Oktoberfest party

If you are planning a smaller event this autumn, you can also opt for an Oktoberfest party. It doesn’t look like we can all go to Germany anytime soon, so you can recreate the Oktoberfest vibe in your event by hosting it in a pub or beer garden or any other outdoor venue. For the event to be as authentic as possible, include benches and rustic tables, and use a blue, green, and brown colour palette to enhance the mood. You can also put in some chandeliers, canopies, and even a living wall or two. And of course, don’t forget the mugs and the brew!

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