A San Diego Replacement Window Company That’s Doing Things Right

Every once in a while, you come across a home improvement company that goes above and beyond in their work and customer service. BM Windows, a replacement window company in San Diego, California is one of those companies.

BM Windows has been in business for more than a decade, and in that time, they’ve built a reputation for truly putting their customers first. One way they do that is through customer education. They take the time to explain everything that’s important for a homeowner to know when it comes to replacement windows and doors.

One of their recent customers, Rick L. from Encinitas (a suburb of San Diego), interviewed three different local replacement window companies before deciding to go with BM Windows. He said in his Yelp review, “All of the reps were informative, but I learned the most about windows from the BM rep.” In the end, he chose the Bayview line of windows sold by BM Windows because they offered “a good blend of quality and value,” according to Rick.

Another way BM Windows sets itself apart from other San Diego replacement window companies is in their installation. When it was time for Rick’s windows to be installed, he said, “The installers arrived on time and worked efficiently. They removed the existing windows and brought in the new windows without dinging the newly painted walls/railings. They used tarps and cleaned each room as they finished. They were done by 3:30 after installing 2 sliders and 8 windows.”

BM Windows uses only their own teams of highly trained professional window installers, whereas other companies outsource the installation of the windows they sell.

Rick was also impressed by the performance of his new windows and doors once they were installed. He said, “The windows have made a tremendous difference in terms of heating and noise. We live behind a sports field. Little League tryouts kicked off the day after install. We couldn’t hear the announcer when the windows were closed.” He continued, “The nights have been in the 40’s and our house would have been freezing with the old windows. The new windows were nicely insulated… and retained heat.”

All of the high-quality windows and doors sold by BM Windows are great for both sound suppression and keeping out unwanted cold and heat—keeping your home comfortable year-round.

At the end of his review he complimented the BM Windows office staff, sales staff, and installation crew, and said, “All in all, a great experience.”

Rick isn’t the only one who thinks BM Windows is a top-notch company. More than 150 other past customers of BM Windows have left five-star reviews on the Yelp site alone, making them one of the most highly rated replacement window companies in San Diego.

When was the last time you were this impressed with a home improvement company? When have you had a great experience from start to finish on a project of this size? BM Windows truly stands out in the best ways possible because they are doing things right—putting their customers first and selling only high-quality products that are built to last!

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