All About NCERT Books and Exemplar Problems

This article will probably help students understand the top benefits of NCERT books and exemplar problems to score good marks in the board exam. Most of the students get confused in choosing the proper study material among the plentiful options available in the current market. NCERT is one of the councils, which plays a vital role in developing and distributing textbooks to students from primary to secondary level. These books are mainly designed by expert faculty with the aim of helping students score well in the annual exams. Mathematics is playing with numericals using formulas and shortcut tricks. By understanding the method of solving problems, students can ace the exam with good marks. NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths is useful for CBSE students to obtain a clear idea about the basic concepts covered in the subject.

The books are curated in such a way that no question would appear in the exam beyond their understanding. The explanations in the textbook improve the learning skills of students and help them self analyse information recalling, comprehension, problem solving and analytical thinking abilities. NCERT has created a set of excellent problems called Exemplar problems in Maths and Science for both primary and secondary level students. These books act as a major study material and question bank for students to improve learning in schools. NCERT Exemplar Class 9 has questions, which improve logical thinking skills among students which are important for the exam. By answering the exercise problems, students can master the basic techniques and methods to be followed to score well in the exam.

Benefits of NCERT Exemplars

  1. Provides in-depth knowledge for students

NCERT books are designed by students after conducting extensive research on each concept. The information provided is apt and authentic for the students, based on the prescribed syllabus of the current board. These books serve each student irrespective of their intelligence quotient in simple language. Every topic in the book is explained in a comprehensive manner to improve conceptual knowledge among students. These books help students instantly clear doubts on complex topics in the subject.

  1. Based on latest CBSE syllabus

This is another reason why NCERT books are best for the students. These books are completely designed, as per CBSE curriculum, which also help students prepare for various competitive exams. The problems are based on the frequently asked questions in the board exams.

  1. Strong knowledge about basic concepts

The books provide enough knowledge about basic and fundamental concepts in a simple and precise way, based on the understanding capacity of students. By using these textbooks, students can make their concepts crystal clear. Students can understand and revise the formulas, shortcut tricks and methods of solving problems.

  1. Numerous problems for practise

Students who wish to perform well in the exam are advised to practice the textbook problems on a regular basis. The solved examples and questions will be present at the end of each chapter. These books help students answer twisted and tricky questions effortlessly.

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