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There are so many kids from the 90th century that probably still remember the slide viewer toy. Back then it was quite popular amongst the kids. The trend has not died anywhere at all. Rather, this is one amazing concept that even kids of today’s time love. This iconic camera is quite tiny in design and the shape looks cool. Now, most people still really wonder what exactly this toy is all about and how it has managed to grab the attention of so many kids. Well, it is the basic concept that it has been using and ideally, this camera has got many features that one can even imagine.

An ultimate stereoscopic viewer: The concept

Right from the feel till the sound of this slide viewer camera, kids were pretty much most of the time used to be excited to see those vivid images in the type as if it is their slideshow. This type of camera is not a recent technology-based toy but was introduced in the year 1939. Such a camera is more like a stereoscopic toy that has managed to bring ample lovely landscapes and popular attractions to the kids’ eyes and thus has enhanced their level of imagination too.

To be precise, this camera might look like a toy but within this tiny body made of plastic, there are sophisticated lenses looking at transparently mounted pairs. It gives the design and looks as if the kid is holding a really small camera. There are other pairs as well that are put in the flat paper which is more like a reel. This stereotype of a pair consists of the photo viewing which can be done through the left eyepiece while the other one can be seen through the right one. The photos may not be necessarily the same. Its working is quite simple and precise. It targets the merging of the images that eyes and brain record the same. This gives depth. This is also known as the three-dimension camera or some popularly called the stereo effect camera too.

An ultimate stereoscopic viewer: The latest model

Even after 75 years, this camera is still in action mode. But of course, it has not come with some additional touch of the digital era. The model has been redesigned and looks more enticing and convenient too. There is a project collaboration result within Mattel and IDEO. This is more like a modern case that joins the technology using the play. The present view master comes with some classic features as compared to the original toy. One such fine example is the wheel and original level. However, it also gives an immense yet 360 virtual experience which kids love to see and enjoy.

How the latest model works:

  • To use the slide viewer toy, it is first important to download the app called the view master. Then using a smartphone, the sliding needs to be done in the sleek new white and red headset.
  • Through this, the camera of the phone would start scanning the QR coding on the reels which makes the viewing angle quite better and in wide style while displaying different images.
  • Talking about the images, kids can enjoy watching outer space, wildlife, and even dinosaur landscapes. There are also scopes of seeing two different images on each side of the screen of the device.
  • As each eye sees the image directly in front, it would reconcile it with the other eye which is seeing. This gives a 3D effect.
  • As the head moves around the viewer over the eyes, it takes the advantage of the sensor of the phone and thus senses the motion and direction.
  • This way kids can travel within every scene while it explores many other settings
  • Once the working of the view master brand is understood, even there has been quite a research that was made to understand the potentiality of the VR. It has also helped in exploring a wide range of materials for some new devices.
  • Designers are now creating different types that are now well tested using the basic market support which of course is the kids.
  • Due to this, the final design has been made considering the concept that kids can understand and the shape that kids can hold.

The technology not just offers the happiness of the play but also gives the power to explore different features that this new View master offers. This eventually opens the scope of possibilities to learn new things. Since the image turns like a page in the textbook, it looks quite enticing for the kids. It also gives a feel for the kids of visiting an art museum to see how old dinosaurs must have survived.


  • Talking about the designs, at first, this camera will give a resemblance to the small pair of binoculars. It is enclosed in plastic that is quite colorful. There is also a slot at the viewer’s top that focuses on the adjustment just the way it does for the binoculars.
  • Then comes the lever that extends from the top. It then slides down narrowly so that reels of the photo can appear.
  • The eye openings of the lens are at the viewer’s back which is around 1.3cm in diameter. It is finely set in the eyepieces which are around 5 cm in width.


Slide viewer toy is certainly one of the most incredible toys for kids that is enjoyed to date. Even if competitions like high-tech computers and quick operation-based toys have come up, there is no end to linking this toy. The design of the reels and views are simply established for the kids to process the change and enjoy the view in the tiny box. It is fun to play with and safe too. In terms of pricing well, with just a few investments a kid can smile for having this and flaunt it around to friends.

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