An Ultimate Guide to Buy the Best Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are like gold in terms of investment – never lose their value. Nowadays, almost everyone has (or wants) one in their dressing room, whether rebelling or not. Therefore, most fashion brands make their versions, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is the same.

Every year you buy your favorite and stylish leather jacket without making proper research. With a cool and timeless appeal, a leather jacket will never go out of style.

A leather jacket is one of the long-term relationships that you will have in fashion. Here, we are going to provide some tips that can help you to understand some popular styles of jackets while purchasing the best leather jackets.

4 Types of Stylish Leather Jackets 

While you can easily change a jacket style to a leather jacket by making it in leather, there are several types of jackets run into the market. Some of them are as follows:

Racer Jacket: 

Racer jacket is a lightweight jacket that is specifically designed for high-speed rides. It is not only beneficial for those who ride, but this jacket has also made its mark in fashion history. These jackets are masculine and can help you to increase your comfort to another level. The plainness of the Racer Jacket makes it a much easy and versatile jacket to wear. Also, this jacket is the ultimate ‘cool guy’ jacket as you can wear it with almost everything.

A2 Flight Jacket: 

Sometimes, this jacket is also referred to as a ‘bomber’ or ‘flight jacket.’ This is usually a leather jacket that is specifically designed for military pilots. The center-front zipper of this jacket is coated by a placket to protect the air.

Furthermore, signature details add ribbed hems and cuffs to this jacket. It also comes along with two big front wing pockets. This jacket is covered traditionally to keep pilots heated at higher altitudes. Usually, A2 jackets are cropped at the sides to make it comfortable to wear while sitting.

MA1 Bomber Jacket: 

Alike to the A2 flight jacket, the MA1 bomber jacket is also a military designed jacket. But, some different features make it separate from the A2 flight jacket. The main differences are – slit pockets and ribbed collar instead of a zipper pocket and two front flap pockets on the left sleeve of the jacket.

Fencing Jacket: 

Fencing jacket is a modified form of jacket’s fencers wear. In this jacket, the zippers are placed extremely asymmetrically. Sometimes, this jacket comes with a strong S curve design. Such styles are usually preferred by higher-end avant-garde labels.

How to Choose the Best Quality Jackets? 

Choosing the best quality leather jacket at an inexpensive price is indeed a tough task. But, don’t worry, we can make this task easier for you.

Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best one: 

  • Buy Classic – biker, fatigue, racer, are all timeless
  • Focus on the size and keep in mind that it will stretch out over time
  • Toss the whole brown and black not matching idea
  • Buy a jacket that you can afford
  • Try to choose a lightweight jacket that can be wear in any situation
  • Be patient while choosing a leather jacket

So, these are some of the best leather jackets you will find in today’s market. We hope the above guide will help you to grab the best one. You can also visit the official website of the Leatherclue to get attractable jackets at an affordable rate.

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