Are Magnetic Lashes the Future?

If magnetic eyelashes are the future, then the future is now.

Picture this:  it is date night, you are on a rush with just a limited time to prep your whole ensemble, but–eyelashes are top priority.

How convenient will it be if you have your magnetic lashes with you? Pretty convenient, in our opinion. Aside from it being very easy to use, it is also cleaner to apply, one hundred percent mess-free for sure. Gone are the days when you have to give all your attention into sticking up those fake eyelashes. Gone are the days when you allocate several minutes in just applying your falsies. It is more convenient now with these lashes.

Now you may ask: Are magnetic lashes the future? Why, yes, yes indeed. To understand further why this innovation in the lashes market is worth the try, you should first know what it is.

What are magnetic lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are the newest (and we dare say, the future) in the makeup-eyelash market. This easy-to-use, mess-free, and time-saving wonder will change your daily makeup routine. 

 How long will the magnetic lashes last?

The magnetic eyelashes themselves are sustainable in a way that you can use them for months (yes, months)! It is not like your other falsies that when you peel them off from the glue, some fake lashes will fall off, and that is just unfortunate as we go along and use it.

As to how long it will last attached to your magnetic liner, it basically depends on your application and the quality of the magnetic liner that you are using. It is best when you purchase your magnetic liner and magnetic lashes from the same brand so the compatibility of these items is assured and tested.

Application process

Compared to the tedious sandwiching process of the fake magnetic lashes, using magnetic eyeliner as your base for your magnetic eyelashes is completely a dream and is totally mess-free (especially if you have perfected applying your liner).

And compared to false lashes using glue, the magnetic lashes will save you so much time and effort, without the hassle of accidentally putting glue on some area around your eye, and possibly ruin your eye makeup in the process.

 Magnetic lashes and Style

When it comes to style, there are so many different magnetic lash designs on the market. You can be sweet and charming in the morning, and you can go with bold and daring during night time. You can also find some in different colors! Fun, right?

And that’s basically the point, to have fun while you’re doing something that will make you feel good. If fake eyelashes are your go-to makeup, then so be it. But why do it in a tedious manner, when you can leave all the frustrations behind with this easy-to-use magnetic eyelashes!

 Are magnetic lashes the future?

If magnetic lashes are the future, then the future is now. 

It is undeniably life changing how these magnetic lashes will save most of your time that you usually spend completing your eye makeup or just mainly applying and drying glue for your false eyelashes. You also prevent the time consuming re-application when something fails on your first attempt.  Definitely time saver.

Magnetic lashes are also basically sustainable in a way that you can reuse it for hundreds of times, especially when you take good care of it. You won’t have to be cautious and scared of lashes shredding every time you pull it off–magnetic lashes can stick ferociously (because, magnet) but it can also be effortlessly removed (because, magnet). 

If you are just curious on why you should switch to magnetic lashes, we hope that this article helped you in some ways. But if you are already an avid user of magnetic eyelashes, then carry on. Cheers to the future, cheers to now.

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