Are You Ready For LASIK?

So you live in NYC and you’re thinking about getting LASIK. Great! Our New York LASIK surgeon is extremely qualified with a series of excellent outcomes. We hope to help answer any of the potential questions that you may have about LASIK and laser vision correction. As you begin your LASIK journey we can be a resource as you do your research.

LASIK is a fantastic choice for people looking for a permanent alternative to glasses and contacts. In recent years, LASIK has become more advanced and more accessible.

As far as eye surgeries go, it’s also quite simple and low-risk. But it isn’t for everyone. There are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to have LASIK.

Managing Expectations

LASIK is a very effective procedure. The vast majority of patients achieve improved vision. Even better, they no longer need visual aids after having LASIK surgery.

But there’s no 100% guarantee that LASIK will give you perfect vision. The risks of serious complications are low.

You should still be aware of them and discuss them with your doctor before you decide to have the surgery. But more often than not, the biggest risk is the possibility that LASIK won’t fully correct your eyesight.

The good news is that you can mitigate this risk by choosing a reputable practice and surgeon. You also should follow recommendations given by experienced eye care professionals.

If they say you aren’t a good LASIK candidate, then you should consider a different procedure.


Before you can even decide to have LASIK in Brooklyn, you’ll need to have a consultation. This involves going through screening to make sure you can have LASIK safely and effectively.

If you meet the following qualifications, chances are you’ll be a good candidate:

  • You’re at least 18 years old (most surgeons prefer you to be in your mid to late twenties)
  • Your prescription has been stable for at least 2 years
  • You’re in generally good health
  • Your prescription is within these limits: -11.00 diopters of nearsightedness, +5.00 of farsightedness, and 5.00 of astigmatism
  • Your cornea is thick enough in conjunction with your prescription
  • Your pupils aren’t too big

Most of these are factors you can determine yourself. Others, like your corneal thickness and pupil size, will be measured during your consultation.

Your tear production is also evaluated to make sure you aren’t at high risk for dry eye after surgery. If you meet every qualification, you can then decide whether you want to have LASIK.

But either way, there are alternatives.


If you don’t qualify for LASIK, there are alternative procedures. If your cornea isn’t thick enough, for example, you may be able to have PRK.

PRK is also a laser procedure much like LASIK, but doesn’t involve creating a flap in the cornea. This means your cornea doesn’t have to be as thick.

There are also Implantable Contact Lenses that function as permanent contact lenses. These are inserted over your natural lens inside your eye.

If you suffer from presbyopia, you may want to consider Refractive Lens Exchange. RLE involves having your natural lens replaced with an artificial one that can correct presbyopia.

Other alternatives may be available based on what your surgery center offers. Talk to your doctor about what alternatives may work for you if you don’t qualify for LASIK or decide you want a different procedure.

Have more questions about whether you’re ready for LASIK? Schedule your LASIK consultation to find out more now! Our Brooklyn LASIK office is readily booking consultation

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