Attorney Sarah Schielke’s Success Funds New Office, Acknowledging Loveland Police’s “Incompetence”

Sarah Schielke, a prominent civil rights attorney based in Loveland, Colorado, has made headlines once again, not only for her successful representation of clients in high-profile cases against police misconduct but also for the unique way she has chosen to acknowledge the source of her success. Schielke recently opened a new office building, and a plaque on the building boldly credits the Loveland Police Department’s “incompetence” for funding the purchase.

Schielke’s career has been marked by her tireless pursuit of justice for victims of civil rights violations, particularly those involving law enforcement. Her most notable cases include the $3 million settlement with the City of Loveland in the Karen Garner case, where a woman with dementia was violently arrested by police officers in 2020, and the recent $400,000 settlement in the wrongful DUI arrest case of Harris Elias.

In the Elias case, Schielke’s client was arrested for DUI despite blowing zeros on a breathalyzer test and having a blood test come back negative for alcohol and drugs. The lawsuit alleged that the arresting officer’s suspicions were based on less than 60 seconds of interaction with Elias, who had refused to answer the officer’s questions. The case was ultimately dismissed, and a substantial settlement was reached.

Schielke’s acknowledgment plaque on her new office building has garnered attention for its bold statement, which she explains is rooted in her philosophy of participating joyfully in the world’s sorrows, recognizing the pain and suffering her clients have endured due to police misconduct, Schielke chooses to find moments of joy and silliness fun fight for justice.

As Schielke continues to take on cases that challenge law enforcement agencies and hold them accountable for their actions, her impact on the legal landscape in Colorado and beyond is undeniable. Her dedication to her clients, coupled with her unique approach to civil rights law, has established her as a formidable force in the fight against police misconduct and a champion for those whose rights have been violated.

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