Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used throughout history as part of our diet and beauty products. The benefits of apple cider vinegar are countless. The reason why apple cider is so beneficial is that the fermentation of the apples creates a very high acidic concentration filled with enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.  Although a lot of these claims still need a lot of medical research to be proven correct the effects that we see in our skin are more than sufficient for us. The great thing about apple cider is that you can drink it, eat it and apply it to your skin for a more subtle look. Any way you reap the benefits of apple cider vinegar your body will thank you for it. 

Natural laxative and improves digestion: When you eat a very heavy meal your body will react to it, for instance, you might feel bloated, or your stomach may feel irritated. Adding ACV to your diet may help improve your digestion. Many people like to drink ACV before a heavy meal in order to increase the acidity in their stomachs to help them digest the food better. It also helps to control your hunger as ACV may help your body achieve satiety. It will make you feel full, this is great especially if you want to lose weight. 

How to drink ACV: There are many different ways to drink ACV but one of the most common one is to add it to any fruit juice of your choice. We recommend adding one tbs to every eight ounces of liquid. This way you can mask the flavor of the ACV in case you don’t like the taste otherwise, you can just add it to your water its as simple as that. 

Kills harmful bacteria: Since ACV is a very strong acid due to the fermentation process that it goes through. Our ancestors have also been using ACV to clean and disinfect their homes and even for some medical procedures. ACV is also a good way to preserve food because of the antigens that it contains. 

How to use ACV to clean: Mix one part ACV and 9 parts water. Put this on your favorite spray cleaning bottle and spray away. This solution is perfect for cleaning the kitchen, and bathroom areas. It will take out all of the grime away from the surfaces and leave your house squeaky clean. Cleaning with ACV is a good way to reduce back on all of the harsh chemicals that are used in cleaning products. It is a very eco-friendly approach to everyday cleaning.

May help control diabetes and lower blood sugar levels: Diabetes is caused when your body cannot produce glucose properly. The case of this is still unknown, but many factors include genetics, obesity, and lifestyle choices. Managing diabetes can be very challenging. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done to prove this but many people have express ACV has helped them control their glucose levels. Since ACV can help with the acidic levels in your stomach and help control hunger, it has been shown that while eating a high carb meal the ACV can help stabilize glucose levels. If you are a diabetic consult with your doctor first before increasing your intake on ACV.

How to take ACV: You can consume ACV anyway you prefer by drinking it or in salads. You can add about half a tsp to an 80z water bottle, or mix it with your favorite flavored drink. 

Boost skin health: Skin over time can become very dry and sensitive. If you want to give your skincare routine a boost ACV is here to help. ACV helps increase the blood flow on your skin because of its astringent properties. It also helps reduce the appearance of large pores as it helps regulate the PH levels of your skin. 

How to use ACV on your face: Mix ACV in a bowl 1 part ACV and three parts water. Grab a cotton ball and apply the solution to the skin evenly with it. Leave on your skin for about 5 minutes so that your skin can absorb all of the enzymes and minerals. Rinse out with warm water. Continue with your regular skincare routine. 

Add it to your hair care routine: By adding apple cider vinegar to you hair care routine you can control dandruff and the frizz on your hair. ACV helps balance out the PH levels of your hair making the hair shaft and cuticle bond and become smoother. 

How to use it: You can add a few drops of ACV into your shampoo and conditioner but you can also buy and it works wonders on your hair.  

Although there is little research to prove most of these claims, ACV has been used throughout the ages either as a means to spice up your food or to add an extra step to your beauty regime. The benefits of ACV are tremendous and we should be reaping the benefits the same way people have through time. Whether you need to use ACV to help you digest your food or need that extra shine on your hair you can always count on ACV to be there for you. 

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