Benefits of Zakat on Society

Have you ever heard about zakat? Well, it is a fascinating Arabic word that indicates a form of charity. Today, millions of people around the globe experience a lack of good education opportunities, hunger, poverty, severe unemployment, and crushing debt. To help fight all these social ailments, zakat has been introduced. The benefits of zakat on society are many. From eradicating hunger to empowering poor communities, it helps society in various ways. In this blog, you will get to know about the prominent benefits of zakat on society.

What is Zakat?

Before diving into the benefits of zakat, you must have an idea of what exactly it is. Well, zakat refers to a form of almsgiving or an obligatory donation that the followers of Islam consider to be mandatory within their faith. The core aim is to help the poor and needy and empower the communities. As per the norms, zakat can be spent on the needy, poor, debtor, slave, and people who are away from home owing to their service to Allah.

Key Benefits of Zakat

Take a look at the prominent benefits of zakat.

  1. A Symbol of Brotherhood

Zakat helps in establishing a symbol of brotherhood in society. By donating money to the poor and needy, it enables you to send and spread the message that the brothers in faith are there to help in the hour of need.

  1. Lowers Class Struggles

Class struggles exist in a majority of societies. Economic inequality is one of the main reasons for the gap between social classes. Zakat helps in effectively bridging and abolishing the economic gaps among the people in the society. It increases the stability of society members and enables them to live in harmony.

  1. Provides Freedom from Interests

Interest is often used as a method of exploiting poor and minority people. As zakat can be given to people who are in debt, it helps in gradually eliminating the burden of interests from society. By reducing the stress of people, zakat can help in improving the quality of lives of members of society.

  1. Reduces Poverty

One of the positive impacts of zakat on society is that it helps in reducing poverty significantly. It ensures that people are able to gain access to basic necessities like shelter, food, clean water, and clothes.

  1. Restores Human Dignity

The economically weak people in society usually have to face a lot of humiliation and stress. Zakat helps in providing the required financial support to needy people. As a result, it restores human dignity and enables people to lead dignified lives.


By now, you must have a complete idea of the benefits of zakat on society. It is a way of helping the unprivileged people in society and meeting their basic needs. It lowers inequality and bridges the potential gaps between the rich and the poor. So, if you want to contribute towards a social cause and make the lives of people better, paying zakat can be the best option.

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