Best Brands to Try This Summer

Summer is all about having cold beverages, flaunting your shades, and wearing those airy dresses. How many of you are brand conscious? Do you prefer to buy from brands and do not go for anything unbranded? If you yelled YES to both these questions, then you will learn a great deal about the best brands for dresses, beverages, and shades here. 

Are you excited? Continue reading so that you can get your hands on some of the best products. 

Best Clothing Brands to Try this Summer

Investing in good clothes is essential. As what you are wearing speaks volumes about you. For example, if you dress up in a prim and prom manner, that would tell that you are organized. On the other hand, dressing in a slouchy way would not leave a perfect impression about you. However, apart from making a lasting impression, you should also consider dressing up in an attire that you feel comfortable in as well. 

Here are some brands that should be on your list for buying clothes this summer. You will love each one of them. 

Ella Moss

The brand name needs no introduction. Anyone who is looking for summer dresses that are versatile and chic at the same time should head to Ella Moss. The high quality and the refined style of the clothes will make you fall in love with them. And you would leave the store (online or physical) wanting to return for more.

American Eagle Outfitters

Comfortable and ‘throw-on-and-go’ is what best describes the summer dresses by American Eagle Outfitters. So, if that is your style, then you should purchase some items and make some heads turn. Because, despite being casual, the dresses that the company makes are attractive and chic. 

The surprising part about the company’s dresses is that you think that you are buying a cheap dress that won’t last long. However, you would wear the same dress for many more years, and it won’t get torn. It seems like American Eagle Outfitters does not produce flimsy dresses at all. You get value for your money here.

Kate Spade New York

Are you a person who loves wearing printed dresses? Do pastel colors catch your eye? In case, you said yes, you should head to Kate Spade New York for this year’s summer shopping as the brand features breezy and airy dresses in cute prints. Not only are these dresses for teenagers or young adults, but adults and older women can wear them too.

Best Shades’ Brands to Try this Summer

Perhaps the best thing about summer is flaunting your shades. Recently, huge shades have been making rounds. Not to forget the various colors that the shades are now available in. However, the subtle colors, including black and brown, are still in fashion too. Apart from the range of colors, there is a vast variety of available frames. 

So, whatever your preference of color or frame design is, you will find it all in these prominent shades’ brands:


A new Aussie eyewear brand, Vehla made it to the top in a concise span. You will find all kinds of luxe and modern frames here. Apart from that, you also get to choose between metal and acetate. Thus, making it easy for you to pair your sunglasses with every attire that you wear. Some prominent personalities who have been spotted wearing Vehla shades include Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk. 

Raie Eyewear

If you wish to go for a sustainable option, then you should consider Raie Eyewear. Just like Vehla, this is a young brand as well. Launching in 2019, the brand creates shatter resistant shades that means that you can protect your lenses from any shock. The available choices include cat-eye and rectangular silhouettes. 

Best Beverages’ Brands to Try this Summer

Who doesn’t wish to have a chilled drink in the scorching heat? Everyone does. And nothing better than a cold and hard seltzer. If you have plans to meet friends for a drink or wish to have one while you chill with your homies, here are the best Seltzer brands. 

White Claw Hard Seltzer

What makes White Claw a great hard seltzer is the brewing process that the brand uses. The fermented sugar and the yeast strain whose development took over a year are used for fermentation in this case. Other than that, White Claw’s seltzer does not have any malt. However, a little amount of juice is present. You get to choose between eight different and yummy flavors, including mango, raspberry, and lemon. 

Bud Light Seltzer

Another great seltzer that your taste buds will thank you for is Bud Light. Before this year, the company did not produce hard seltzers. However, it was a treat for the fans of hard seltzers to learn that Bud Light is now in the business of one as well. You can enjoy it in four distinct flavors, including mango, black cherry, strawberry, and lemon-lime. 

If you are in search of the best products when it comes to clothes, beverages, and sunglasses, then this blog post will help you a great deal. So, get summer ready and invest in your favorites. 

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