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These days, there are a plethora of platforms that offer internet and cable TV packages to their consumers. For decades, cable service companies have been thriving in the industry. With the advancement of technology and more competition, service providers have been pressed to provide more than essential cable television services.

Charter Communications, one of the industry’s leaders, emerged as the biggest rival in the game and renamed its services Spectrum, the well-known cable service provider. Today spectrum tv packages are sought for and offer a great deal to customers.

How did Spectrum come into being?

Originally, charter communications were a leader in providing telecom services amassed with cable tv services, internet, and Wi-Fi. Later on, Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable(TWC) and Bright House Networks, which encompassed their products under the Charter umbrella of services.

To rebrand the new merger, Charter Spectrum was introduced, which is now widely known as Spectrum.

Today, Spectrum provides services in 40+ states and a pool of packages to choose from.

Services Provided by Spectrum TV

A cable service provider owns the cable infrastructure and provides cable tv services to its subscribers. With a solid infrastructure to back its services, Charter Communications have extended their services from just cable TV to broadband, mobile App, and spectrum mobile as well.

A range of Spectrum TV packages has garnered wide popularity owing to the flexibility to choose different features. Depending on their need, the users can choose their beloved TV channels, opt for the most suitable platform to binge-watch their favorite shows, and enjoy wireless services at an affordable price.

Residential Packages

Vastly Spectrum TV is reckoned as the famous cable service provider, and undeniably it has earned that name following the successful merger with two other industry leaders. Spectrum’s essential popularity as a cable service provider has come from requiring no contract while availing its services. As a newbie subscriber, it offers economical packages with a relatively massive collection of channels, a pure delight for a subscriber.

TV Select

The most popular packages provided by Spectrum TV are the Spectrum Select TV, which starts at $44.99/mo. The package offers 125+ channels at this price, which is an excellent deal in turn for the value of money.

TV Silver

Another package with added value is Tv silver. This package offers 175+ Channels.

TV Gold

The highest package order offered by Spectrum TV is TV Gold which has 200+ channels. All of the features from the packages mentioned above and more are included in this most entertainment-packed package.

Additionally, Spectrum TV offers HD channels without any extra cost. The key benefits of opting the Spectrum TV services over its competitors are saving the shows to watch later, HD streaming at no additional cost, and free prime times on demand like CBC, ABC, FOX, etc. The users can choose their fav excellent times and enjoy them at their convenience.

Moreover, Spectrum has been alluring customers with special discounts like senior discounts through Spectrum Internet Assist. Unlike other players in the market, Spectrum provides cable tv services without internet as well. On the other hand, users can bundle up other Spectrum services and its tv services for a more comprehensive price.

The popularity of Spectrum TV lies in the fact that a customer need not get into a contract to redeem Spectrum TV’s services. Moreover, it offers buyout contracts that allow customers to easily switch from other providers to Spectrum TV.

Benefits of Spectrum TV Packages

It makes Spectrum TV a great deal that customers can custom-build their packages and also club other features to create a wholesome package from a single provider. The bundling of packages gives a win-win to both. Apart from this, there are more benefits to choosing Spectrum TV and other services in a bundle.

Channels in HD for free

At no extra charge, one can have a picture resolution of up to 1080p. All major news networks, Disney, ESPN, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, NBC Sports Network, and others have HD channels. More information on Spectrum’s HD channels can be found here.

Shows available on demand

Spectrum claims “thousands” of programs accessible on-demand. However, the actual quantity varies per bundle.

Mobile streaming

The Spectrum Stream TV App is a free app that allows live and on-demand content on an iOS or Android device.


There are considerable savings to be had by combining Spectrum’s services into one package, starting at $29.99 or less for each service. When compared to buying the services separately, this represents significant savings. Aside from activation and installation fees, one can save money when one bundles Spectrum services.

Entertainment with quality

One may now enjoy quality entertainment with access to some of the top premium television channels. There’s something for everyone in the channel lineup. Because of this, the various Spectrum bundle packages were designed with a variety of households in mind. That’s to say; there’s something for everyone, not just every family.

High-speed internet

When you choose any Triple Play Packages, you can get up to 940 Mbps in specified regions. More video streaming, online gaming, downloading of files and music, uploading of images, and plain old web surfing are the results of all of the above. In some areas, the speed can reach 300 Mbps.

On-demand service

On-demand services are available with Spectrum TV. There are over 10,000 series and movies to choose from, and that’s not all. Some of the major networks, such as CBS, ABC, and NBC, offer on-demand programming. You can also watch spectacular pay-per-view events like boxing matches and concerts using the on-demand feature.

Comprehensive plan for communication

Spectrum bundle solutions provide the most comprehensive communication solution. With Spectrum Home Phone or Spectrum Mobile, users can make local and long-distance calls, as well as international calls, and talk to or listen to almost anyone.


Spectrum is snowballing and extending its service base without compromising on the quality of service provided to its subscribers. It is undoubtedly the best choice, from great price offers to premium channels and prime times to enjoy.

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