Best Home Furniture to Try This Summer

If you are like millions of people living in the age of quarantine, you have probably spent a lot more time at home than you are accustomed to over the last six months. With all of that extra time spent staring at your four walls, like many of us, you have most lieky begun to get a little tired of your current furnishings and decor. Yesterday’s must haves may now seem like todays, “what was I thinking?” If that is the case, I invite you to read on and discover three new trends in home furniture, and find out what are the best home furniture pieces to buy this summer.   

In addition to your statement bench, it’s a good idea to add some leather recliner chairs to enhance the aesthetics of the room.

  • Neutral and Moon tones: Whether it is an eye-catching bench, which is truly a must have in any home, or a slip-covered sectional, you can not go wrong when picking a neutral or moon tone for the fabric to add to your home furniture design. 

If you have an urban aesthetic look for a bench that combines a soft neutral color such as beige, taupe or ivory with legs made of natural woods such as walnut or oak. Lastly, to really complete the look try finding a bench that has gold or brass accents. You want the accents to be subtle yet eye-catching.    

If you are more of a casual or coastal connoisseur of home furniture, investing in a plush neutral toned sectional, or sofa, will not leave you second guessing your purchase. A great option is buying a slip-covered couch which allows you to customize the exact hue you are looking for to match your home furniture collection. Staying in the category of neutrals, you may also consider choosing one of the five moon tones such as Philippine Gray or Light Silver. Considering how much time we actually spend in our family and living rooms, changing up your space with a comfortable yet sophisticated looking sofa can really transform how you feel about being there. Pay attention to the cushions; finding a sectional with pillow-like cushions will enhance the look and feel of the couch. 

  • Bring the outdoors inside with animal textures, natural fibers, furs and wood finishes

Depending on your personal taste there are countless ways to incorporate this trend into your home furniture with some simple additions. The right rug, chair or sideboard can easily become a statement piece and focal point of the room, while subtly incorporating a natural vibe to your space without being overwhelming.

Consider a cow hide rug. A timeless centerpiece, it can turn your den, office space or living room into a sophisticated urban environment. Totally unique, and none two alike, colors can range from warm to neutral, to dark brown and white.

If cowhide does not suit your taste, you can opt for an eco-friendly rug made with different sustainable materials. A handwoven Jute rug is made from vegetable fibers and gives a room an organic natural feel. Another great option is a woven rug made from Sisal, a natural plant fiber from the Agave plant. Color options are plenty, and along with being eco-friendly and fashionable these rugs are highly durable. 

Got fur? No, well you should, but air on the conservative side with this trend. The best way to pull off this look is with a statement piece such as a beautifully crafted arm chair. Available to accompany an array of home furniture styles ranging from modern, formal and coastal, it is best when crafted in combination with leather and a wood such as oak. 

Lastly, adding a unique solid wood, or wood-veneer finished sideboard or bookcase to a room can really make an impression on your guests. It is all in the details and with materials like oak, walnut and teak wood finishes, you can find one to match your individual lifestyle.   

  1. Gold accents: Not new for some, and not on the home furniture “yes” list yet for others, gold accents are a beautiful way to modernize a home when done the right way. Choosing a gold frame, knob, or embellished piece of furniture will bring your home into 2020 in a way like no other.

Art work is an easy way to change up any room, and you can incorporate two trendy styles in one easy way by purchasing some new gold-framed prints. Asian inspired art prints have bounced back into popularity as of late, and it is easy to find Japanese style character depictions or ink-washed works inspired by the spontaneous and hyper expressive ancient Japanese painting style called Sumi-e. And, if that doesn’t suit your tastes opt for black and white prints depicting something you love like the ocean or mountains and display them in a beautiful gold frame.

There are many others ways to add a pop of gold to your space by switching out a few home essentials. Adding a gold table lamp to the home office will dress up the room and is a nice way to add color. Add a dresser with gold knobs to punctuate your style, or an end table with gold pulls.        

Now you are well informed on the best home furniture additions to try this summer. Whether you choose a beautiful wood bench with a neutral toned fabric, a cowhide rug, or a gold table lamp, you are sure to change the design of your space with a classic and timeless updated look. Happy shopping.    



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