BlueRock CEO Kevin Modany Outlines Keys to a Successful Leadership Role

Cultivating a successful business requires a leader that can read the room while assessing their plans for the future. Leaders are pivotal in helping to guide their companies toward prosperous futures, but it takes a special kind of leader to make this happen.

Kevin Modany served as the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners, which follows his successful experience as Chairman and CEO of ESI Service Corp. Throughout the years, his efforts have helped to lead his company to success while developing his resume.

Now, Kevin Modany is taking some of his time to outline the core traits that have helped him to succeed over the years. As you’ll come to find out, leaders have a few traits in common.

Creating a Leader

To become the ideal leader, Kevin Modany believes that it is of the utmost importance to have a clear vision of what it is that you want to accomplish with your business. Modany suggests that leaders have a Big Picture view of their work and what they want to accomplish in the future. Modany suggests that leaders stay attuned to the landscape of their business. Along the way, a successful leader should create a mission statement that is both lofty and attainable.

Ultimately, Modany suggests, a leader is responsible for getting all members of their platform to work toward the same goal.

Strong Work Ethic

Leaders don’t lead just because they want the glory but also because they have the drive to make their goals a reality. Kevin Modany suggests that the most successful leaders in business are those that are willing to work for what they want. This means that leaders should be ready to get hands-on with their position if necessary.

Kevin Modany suggests that he has found success due to the high bar that he has set for himself. Modany’s been able to continue striving to push further because he also hired a staff that motivates him to do so.

Motivational and Collaborative Skills

Businesses thrive when there is an environment conducive to collaboration. For that reason, Kevin Modany has strived to create an environment where workers can collaborate while offering motivation along the way. Modany says, “The objective of a leader should be to get the people motivated, that they want to run through a wall for you.”

Modany went on to say, “You get them to be motivated to want to work with you and accomplish objectives. A component of that is being honest, transparent, and truthful.”

Collaboration is at the heart of what Modany strives for at BlueRock, and it is for that reason that his businesses continue to thrive.

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