Building a Forward-Thinking Business With Daniel Shin – The Keys to the Castle Come by Way of Innovative Thinking

Daniel Shin has spent a significant portion of his time in the public spotlight, working to develop companies like PortOne and Ticket Monster into the e-commerce giants that they are today. Shin has worked at every level of the entrepreneurial ladder, most recently finding success as the co-CEO and founding member of PortOne.

Named by Wharton Magazine as one of their “40 Under 40” graduates, Daniel Shin has garnered plenty of attention. Shin was even named by The World Economic Forum as 2019’s Young Global Leader.

Having helped to fundamentally reshape Asia’s e-commerce sector, Shin had plenty to discuss on the topic for individuals looking to reach the heights that he himself had found.

Learning About Team Building

Daniel Shin has garnered a reputation for his ability to develop teams that can work together to accomplish great things. Shin says, “Life is not all about getting to the finish line.”

Following this concept, Shin says, “To achieve long-term business success, entrepreneurs must focus first on building something great. The money will follow.”

As a result of this mindset, Shin spends a significant portion of his time making sure that he is adding the right members to his roster. Shin likes to work with people in collaborative communication where there is room for disagreement to arise and compromise to prosper.

Shin says of his focus on finding the right team members, “Surround yourself with talented, like-minded people who can add passion to your life to help execute your ideas.”

The founder of PortOne Global went on to say, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life.”

Embracing Unique Concepts

You can’t separate yourself from the rest of the crowd if you refuse to try and do something new. Daniel Shin founded TMON in 2010, and it would go on to fundamentally reshape Asia’s e-commerce market. More than 20% of Korea’s population uses the platform on an annual basis at least one time, leading to nearly $3.5 billion in gross merchandise value.

In order to continue growing TMON, Shin embraced the idea of giving consumers the chance to buy fresh produce and groceries from the platform. TMON would quickly turn into a mobile commerce empire, spending millions on competing with competitors while developing into something entirely different.

Turning Ideas Into Action

While Shin understands that every idea can’t turn into a profit, the actual act itself will also yield something to learn and grow from. Shin suggests that entrepreneurs “take the leap” whenever they can, even if there is some fear of failure.

An example of taking the leap that turned out well for Daniel Shin would be his work with Fast Track Asia, a leading venture capitalist brand that raises money for a number of different concepts. Through Shin’s work with Fast Track Asia, the team has earned more than $800 million in equity value for their investors while investing in Fast Five, Day1, and Goodoc.

Through a tireless approach to innovation and collaboration, Daniel Shin has been able to march to the beat of his own music. With a keen focus on innovation and collaboration, Shin is urging others to follow along.

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