Can you get professional and affordable movers in Toronto?

Moving is usually stressful. This is not a hypothesis or a theory, but an axiom. Whether we talk about a studio or a four-bedroom move, this process is never fun. Finding the best movers in Toronto, that will offer professional services at affordable prices, is also not easy. You want respectful movers, who will treat your belongings with maximum care, and at the same time, if possible, you want a bill that will not cause you a mini heart attack. While this scenario might seem utopic, it is not. You can get highly skilled professional Toronto movers at affordable, fair prices. And once you find them, you will want to move with them again and again, for the rest of your life. We have three tips on how to find professional and affordable movers in Toronto.

But before we begin, let’s just all get on the same page with one thing. The term affordable has different meanings for different people. Same goes for cheap and for expensive. So when we talk about affordable movers in Toronto, we should really consider the different approaches we all have. At Let’s Get Moving, for example, affordable moving services refer to professional moving services that are affordable for the masses. In other words, a Canadian with average earnings – whether they live in Toronto or elsewhere – can easily afford our moving services. Even if they decided to move every two years, this would still be doable and not soliciting at all, cost-wise. But do bear in mind that the expression affordable movers is rather arbitrary.

These being said, let’s move on to our three tips for finding professional and affordable movers in Toronto!

Do some research

Planning your residential move well in advance is probably the best idea you can have. The sooner, the better! This way, you will have enough time to get referrals and to contact a lot of moving companies. Don’t leave this for the last minute! If you don’t have friends or family who have recently moved in Toronto and can recommend affordable movers, the internet will definitely help you! Go online and look up professional and affordable moving companies Toronto! Google will help in a matter of seconds, but you should also take some time to check online reviews. Yelp, Homestars, Facebook, and Google are some of the platforms that cluster reviews from customers. Once you decide on a moving company, read as many reviews as possible, to make sure you understand how the company works and what to expect. Many customers write extensive reviews that describe their entire moving process, and they also tell about how affordable the movers were. Those reviews are a very good starting point in deciding which affordable movers to hire for your Toronto move.

Get a detailed estimate

Let’s say you got yourself a shortlist of three or four Toronto moving companies. The reviews make them sound really good and by the looks of it, you could afford any of them. Now it’s the time to grab your phone and call each of them to get estimates for your move. The good news is most moving companies will offer you a free estimate. This way, you can easily compare prices before deciding who to hire. When you call, make sure you give the operator as many details as possible regarding your move-related needs. Starting from how large the apartment or house is, all the way up to how narrow the staircase is, to whether you need help dissembling most of the furniture before having it loaded in the truck etc. This way, the moving company will calculate a more accurate estimate for your move. Compare all the estimates you got and you will easily figure out which is the affordable Toronto professional moving company suitable for your needs.

Know exactly what you get

While the estimates of the costs of your move may vary from company to company, the benefits included in those prices might also vary quite a lot. So when you call the moving companies to inquire, make sure you always ask what you get for that money. Some companies might charge you extra for the distance it takes to get to your home, for the moving supplies they use on your move, for the gas they fuelled the moving truck with, etc. They might not tell you this from the very beginning and it might come as an extra cost on the bill, at the end. Make sure you avoid this kind of unpleasant surprise! At Let’s Get Moving, for example, we don’t believe in hidden costs or extra fees associated to a move. We believe it is only fair the customer knows in advance what and how much they will pay for. This is why we have an hourly rate that covers for everything. From gas to movers’ labour, from the insurance in case of damage to the moving supplies we use. Basically, what we do is we charge customers for the hours spent by our crew of movers on their move. And that is it. This makes any Toronto move truly affordable, since the hourly rate we charge has a decent price, as well. On some days of each month, we offer special discounts, and this saves our customers even more money.

These were our tips on how to get professional and affordable movers in Toronto. No, the two don’t ever have to exclude each other, if you make the right choices. You will probably not believe how affordable your Toronto move can get until you see it for yourself, so call us today to inquire!

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