Complete Guide to Italian 00 Flour

Because baking is essential chemistry to get the final dish (and hopefully delectable), it is easy to realize that all flour types are different in many ways. Some are general-purpose products, while others are of specific types that have certain uses. One of them is Italian 00 flour.

Usually, people can be seen in a grocery store with a confused look as to which flour they should buy. Many of them, especially the ones who are new to the cooking world, are unaware of 00 flour and its use. The product is a bit of a conundrum to individuals who live outside Italy.

What is Italian 00 Flour

It is a super fine Italian type 00 flour. In Italy, flour is categorized by its coarseness. A product labelled with single zero is coarse. On the other hand, 00 flour is between coarse and fine.

In the European country, which has left a powerful mark on western cuisine, a flour product is marked between 00 and 04. As the number increases, the flour color changes from white to whole meal. White is the color of flour 00.

The number system also indicates how finely ground the flour is. The grading system ranges from 00 to 2 (00, 0, 1, and 2). Number 2 denotes a wholemeal flour, while 00 shows that the flour is the most refined product in its category. Also, it has the lowest level of bran.

How is Italian 00 Flour Different from Bread Flour

Whether it is about making pasta or pizza, 00 flour is a better option than other products in the market. It is more refined than plain flour. The attribute turns it into a product higher in protein. It can have 8-12% protein content. Also, it has the perfect elasticity required to make dishes like pizza and pasta.

Making pizza dough with bread flour does not turn out well due to the difference in gluten content. Bread flour comes with a higher gluten content than 00 flour, which is why it is called pizza flour or 00 pasta flour.

Type 00 comes with a finer grain than standard products, resulting in light bread and soft pasta. Also, a high-quality product is free of additives and offers bread, pizza, and other dishes the iconic Italian authenticity.

Where to use 00 Flour

Pizza and pasta are two of the most common dishes that can be made using a genuine 00 flour product from Italy. It is a great ingredient to make pizza dough. Apart from that, many other kinds of dishes can be cooked with this Italian flour, and below are some of them:

  • Lasagna sheets
  • Chocolate cake
  • Sweet rolls
  • Cookies
  • Nutella brownies

How To Buy High-quality Italian 00 Flour

Italy has given the world several delicious and flexible ingredients, and 00 flour is one of them. It is a common ingredient in several pantries in the country and quite popular among chefs to make iconic dishes from the region, including different types of pasta and pizza.

Although the ever-growing popularity of Italian 00 flour has encouraged food brands worldwide to make the product, most of them cannot be trusted for a quality product.

To get a genuine product, buyers must get a product made by a renowned Italy-based company. They can visit an Italian store over the Internet and place an order for 00 flour online.

Here, they need to ensure that they find a product, which is made in Italy and belongs to a famous food company in the region. For example, Molino Spadoni is a well-known company that has been selling a 00 type wheat flour for a long time. The product can be used for making pasta at home.


Italian 00 flour is a high-quality, useful flour product that can be used to make several delicious Italian dishes. To make the most out of it, customers need to ensure that they purchase an Italy-based flour by a renowned food brand.

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