Detailing the Web Design Journey

As a business looking into getting a digital presence, you might wonder about the website design process. Designing a website is not an easy endeavor and should not be taken lightly. A good site can help maximize brand recognition and, in turn, increase revenue.

The design process for a website can be divided into six steps:

  1. Research: Before starting the design process, a thorough analysis of your target market, operations, best practices, and competition needs to be done. You need to tell an agency about your requirements and end goal now.
  1. Recommendations: Based on your primary objective, the agency will give custom recommendations. These then work as the blueprint of the design. It is imperative to consider the suggestions and compare it to your needs. The look of the website gets decided during this step.
  1. Design + Development: Once the recommendations are approved, the designer starts designing the website, and conveys his requirements to a developer, who then codes the site.
  1. Drafts: Before completing the final website, drafts and mockups get made for your approval. In this stage, changes and redesigns occur; you should be satisfied with the design of the website.
  1. Creation: The entire design creation, including full integration of the SEO elements, occurs in this phase. The website is ready now!
  2. Testing: The website is soft-launched on a private server for UX and website responsiveness in this phase.

Once all of these phases are over, and the public launch of the website occurs.

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