Does Email Marketing Still Matter in 2020? Clear Your Doubts Here!

Body – Attracting new audiences is surely challenging, but how do you retain your old customers when the market is getting inundated with new businesses every day? Are you worried that you might lose your existing customers to the competitors? What does it take to become the apple of your customers’ eyes? From bettering your business operations to running a solid online marketing campaign, you can try a lot of tricks in the book. However, when it comes to internet marketing, there are a dozen services that you can make the most of! Have you heard of email marketing? Many business players consider promotion through emails to be old-fashioned in the world of SMO, SEO, and PPC today. But, is email marketing really obsolete? Ask a digital marketing expert, and he would beg to differ. Professionals agree that email marketing still matters for several reasons. Want to know what those reasons are? Well, that can help you consider this marketing strategy for your business.

What makes email marketing still relevant in 2020? 

  1. Keeps your customers updated with your current whereabouts – Do you know 91% of email users access their mails once every day (Source So, keeping them updated with your company’s latest happenings is a great way of ensuring their engagement and winning their loyalty towards your business. Want to deliver special offers and quality content at the fingertips of your customers? Simply resort to email marketing and stay connected with the audiences out there! Make sure whatever you mail them is relevant, relatable, and beneficial.

2.Opt for personalization while sending mails – Following the principle of segmentation can do wonders. Do you know using certain personalization tools can give you the much-needed edge over others? Let us take some examples to understand better. When a new customer signs up for your email updates, welcome him/her with a special message. Why not offer a special offer to customers on their birthdays? You can also send personalized product or service recommendations to your customers. These tricks sound easy but can be high-yielding in the long run.

3.Email can be quite affordable when compared to other options – Can you really find a bet as inexpensive as email marketing? You get to promote your brand’s USP, position, products’ benefits against a moderate investment. So, hire an SEO agency or digital marketing company that uses the latest marketing tactics thereby proving to be beneficial both for your business and customers. This saves your time, effort, and resources. Overall your approach should be to help people to win long term trust and loyalty.

4.Relevant emails help drive sales for your business – If you think email marketing cannot drive sales for your business, we suggest your reconsider. The latest surveys tell us that email marketing can improve the click-through-rate and even drive sales. Adding a call to action at the end of your mail can do the trick! Also, make sure you do not commit blunders like sending too many emails. Control the frequency of sending your mails should you not want to annoy the users/customers leading them to press the unsubscribe button.

Conclusion – If a brilliant landing page by a website designer is useful in winning more customers, then email marketing by an expert is crucial to retain the existing ones. Need all kinds of digital solutions in one place? Then contact Webbiner for full-service digital services.

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