Dr. Shaun L. McKay Reflects Back On $1 Million Grant For Clean Energy Investments From Governor Cuomo 

Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay combated climate change in New York state.


Dr. Shaun L. McKay contributed to decreasing the environmental impact of Suffolk County Community College. He served as their President from 2010 to May 2019 by securing a $1 million grant for clean energy investments from New York Governor Cuomo. These capital investments help combat climate change and positively influence the school’s financial future. Dr. Shaun L. McKay shared that the investments created the renewable Energy & Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Center, which demonstrates the latest climate protective technology and trains the next generation of workers for the renewable energy industry.

Dr. Shaun L. McKay shared during a press conference, “Suffolk County Community College is committed to advancing and demonstrating clean energy and innovative initiatives on campus, in the classroom, and our communities.” As a school leader, he was committed to the students’ present and future on campus. The $1 million grant was part of the Reforming The Energy Vision (REV) program by Governor Cuomo, which invests in renewable energy technologies. This program aims to provide 50% of all New York’s energy from renewable sources by 2030. Dr. Shaun L. McKay’s efforts to secure the grant for his school allowed them to become part of the state’s clean energy efforts.

The REV grant was used to build the Renewable Energy & Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Center. Dr. Shaun L. McKay worked alongside his fellow leaders of the school to establish a new eco-friendly facility that helps the environment and provides ongoing benefits for the school and community. The newly built facility is a real-life example for the community of the latest technology to revolutionize the industry of renewable energy. There are also integrated education opportunities for training a qualified workforce needed for the growing industry of renewable energy.

Dr. Shaun L. McKay expressed his gratitude at a press conference saying, “We sincerely appreciate, acknowledge, and thank Governor Cuomo as well as NYSERDA for this important award that will lead to multiple transformational educational opportunities for our Long Island students.”

Dr. Shaun L. McKay served as President of Suffolk County Community College from 2010 to May 2019 and is recognized as a post-secondary education leader. During his tenure, he increased enrollment, secured capital improvement grants, and strengthened the college. Dr. Shaun L. McKay’s expertise in academic program development, budget and finance, campus administration, and institutional assessment contributed to the strong legacy of Suffolk County Community College and the surrounding communities.

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