Dresses Every Woman Needs In Their Closet

There are two known facts about women: we’re always in a hurry and we always want to look our best. The closet can be a pretty daunting place for a woman on a mission. Luckily, a t-shirt and leggings doesn’t have to be the only fix or simplest solution to this problem. 

The average woman owns about 103 articles of clothing, but only wears about 20% because the other 80% is deemed “unwearable” for some reason or another. 

Dresses for women are one of the best solutions to dressing up or down for the day. With so many options on the market, you really can’t go wrong with a nice, diverse collection. To be on the safe side, let’s go over some functional dresses every woman should have in her closet. 

Top 6 dresses every woman should own

Of all the different styles of dresses on the market today, these 6 are the most common and make the most sense to have on hand. 

  1. The Maxi Dress – A maxi dress is a good, all weather alternative to pants, leggings or shorts. A maxi can be dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with tennis shoes. Throw on a jacket and boots for a fall / winter look or pair it with sandals for a nice summer outfit. These make great outfits for running errands.
  2. The Day Dress –  Dressier than a maxi dress, but not quite formal attire, the day dress is perfect for the office or an evening out with friends. These are usually shorter than maxi dresses as well and probably feature pockets which have become a must this day in age.
  3. The Sweater Dress – A definite winter must have is the sweater dress. These pair nicely with knee boots and are also perfect for the office or an evening out.
  4. The Formal Dress – Also known as the special occasion dress, formal dresses are usually necessary for weddings, fancy parties or the Grammy’s. These are the dresses you buy on sale and leave in the back of the closet until it’s their time to shine. They don’t constitute a huge necessity, but they are nice to have on hand should the need arise.
  5. The Sundress – A must as far as summer staples goes. These are perfect for backyard barbecues, evenings with friends, brunch with the in laws, etc. Easily paired with sandals or sneakers, you really can’t go wrong with a few of these on hand for the spring and summer months.
  6. The Little Black Dress – Also known as the LBD, this dress is a must have in your closet. An LBD is good for any occasion and any season because of their versatility. Last minute invite to a party? LBD. Surprise date night? LBD. Need something dressy for work that isn’t too over the top but a little more than a day dress? LBD. It’s really the answer for just about everything!

What’s in your closet? 

Don’t let the stress of choosing the right outfit for the occasion keep you from leaving the house. Buying dresses is probably one of the most relaxing ways to shop. There’s no fussing with buttons or zippers. You simply put it over your head the dress will do the rest.

If buying dresses seems like too much, but you desperately need a few in your life, start simple with a maxi. They can be found year round and usually at really decent prices. Change the look by adding a cardigan or a jean jacket. Once you’ve mastered the maxi, move on to the day dress. These are a little more form fitting sometimes, but still a great option to have when you want to change things up.

Please don’t neglect your LBD though. They are slimming and help you make a good impression with very little effort.

Now you have all the knowledge you need to leave the leggings and t-shirts at home. Let’s get shopping! 

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