Evan Rubinson on Successful Businesses Post-Covid 

Evan Rubinson is a businessman who has started many businesses and has continued to thrive all throughout the pandemic and in the days afterward. He knows that the workplace is undergoing major changes and doing it quickly. The traditional way of doing work and managing others no longer has to be the only way. These days there are many opportunities to thrive in business using newer and more flexible ways to do business. Rubinson believes that one of the ways that businesses can thrive even when things are complicated is to have a great company culture. Company culture is central to many aspects of a business, and companies should invest in it and make sure that it’s a positive one.

He has seen instances of negative culture in businesses, including at Twitter once Elon Musk bought it. He believes that having a good culture is important to the success of the business and in encouraging employees to put in the work needed for that success. A solid culture can get a business through difficult times and keep it focused on its goals.

Flexible Working Culture

Evan Rubinson prefers people to work in the office, but he hasn’t let his personal preference get in the way of attracting and keeping top talent. He believes that any good manager has to compromise on choices like that in order to make the business stronger. He has found a good compromise on office time by looking at things from the eyes of the employees and seeing their reasons for wanting to work from home. Being too rigid in the way business is done can harm the company culture and force people into positions that they don’t want to be in. He has seen that for some employees, working from home is necessary because of the struggles they’re going through. He has also found that sometimes, allowing them to work the way they want to results in better work than when they were in the office because they are so appreciative of the flexibility.

Creating a Positive Culture

In the time since the lockdowns, Evan Rubinson has seen that great work can be done from home and that sometimes it’s necessary to make that arrangement. He has had many employees who have needed to work from home for a while, and when they are allowed to, this creates a stronger bond between the employees and the management. He believes that respecting employees and being fair with them is much of what a strong company culture is made from. When employees know that management is respectful and acts fairly in making decisions, they are more likely to feel more positively toward the company.

Evan Rubinson believes that these actions contribute toward building a team attitude among the entire team, and this is also good for the culture. It can also make employees more loyal since they know you have their back in case they should have a problem that requires some time away from the office.

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