Whenever it comes to the tough decision of relocating for either academic or career choices, the two most prominent names that surface are the city of Hyderabad and Bangalore. These two ranks under two of the best cities to live in. If you have your doubts, feel free to ask the question why. And then look below for your answers. Without further ado let deep dive into it.


Being the most convenient cities catering job opportunities for freshers, Bangalore and Hyderabad are some of the best affordable cities to live in. No matter what your hands-on budget is, your first concern always is and should be living comfortably. In the city of Hyderabad and Bangalore you can find affordable and durable housing equipped with other basic necessities at a reasonable price. The option of PG in Hyderabad and PG in Bangalore is one of the most habitable options and is opted by majority of the immigrants.

Employment Opportunities:

Hyderabad and Bangalore are the epicenters of some well paying off job opportunities for people with a zeal to work. No matter what is field you are in, the amazing city of Hyderabad and Bangalore has employment opportunities for you. Easy employment can be found in here all thanks to the hundreds of multinational firms like Google, Microsoft and Hitachi who choose to set up there hubs here.


Hyderabad has a tropical weather which is a mixture of wet and dry. The climate is border lining which can be concluded as a hot semi-arid climate. The yearly average temperature in the city is 26 °C (79 °F); The climate is the coolest in December and January, when the average temperature reduces to 10 °C (50 °F).  The hottest month is May in which the daily temperatures range from 26 to 39 °C (79–102 °F)

Where Bangalore on the other hand, is often mentioned to as the Pensioner\’s Heaven due to its pleasing and contented climate. It has a savanna climate which is dry tropical with temperately hot summers and comfortably cold winters. Since, it is situated at an altitude of 949 meters above the level of sea, Bangalore experiences a pleasant weather throughout the year because of its high altitude. The city often experiences distinct wet and dry spells at times, with the occasional heat waves during the summer and the cool winter gust of air blowing around.

The city sees its summer between the months of February to May and the typical summer temperature in Bangalore is 33.6° Celsius. The hottest month that Bangalore experiences is April and the maximum rise in the level of temperature during this time can go up to 36°Celsius. However, even during the months of hot summers the temperature remains mostly contented and on most of the days, the people living here have to use light blankets during the nights. This is usually a result of recurrent rainfalls and storms that that the city witnesses which to a great extent moderates the summer heat.

Commute Time and Public Transportation Options:

Buses: Buses operated by government agencies are run the entire day from 7 AM in the morning to 11 PM at night. These government buses are often crowded during office hours due to the affordable cost of commute that they offer.

MMTS: This is the train service that links the business districts to the IT parks of the city of Hyderabad. These trains are operated under the South-Central Railway which is also a government of India owned organization.

As for Bangalore, the local train services has a network of rails to its outskirts which are connected by long distant passenger trains-Though Bangalore doesn’t have a suburban train of own people use the long-distance passengers for the city rides owing to their cheap fares

Taxis: Taxi services in the city is quite affordable and abundant at rush hours. The taxi services here are reliable and a lifesaver too.

Roads: The road services here are smooth and well maintained. The roads are in great condition and driving here is a great pleasure to drive or ride on. As far as the traffic is concerned the roads are jam-packed during rush hours however the roads are quite a pleasure during the rest of the day.


One thing Hyderabad is known for is the diversity it has amongst the people. What’s applaudable is the various people coming from far-flung lands across the country living in harmony here and the person who stays here once don’t hesitate to call themselves a Hyderabadi that is what’s called the magic of this city.

Another quality of both the cities lies in the Secularism it represents. Here you can find magnificent places to visit when you decide to take a city tour Birla Mandir is one such iconic structure of Hyderabad and Bangalore is the Bangalore Palace which is a treat to watch.

Food :

The cities are considered to be a paradise for all the foodies out there. Delicacies like Meat are worth to give a try.

Real Estate Value:

Buying a house in cities like these is one of the single largest investment that you will ever make. It not only involves putting in all your money but also taking up some home loans. Since Hyderabad and Bangalore have had a boon in the infrastructure field along with a stable political climate many establishments of many industries and the best firms not only in India but throughout the world are all ready to set up their hubs in Hyderabad and Bangalore. So, investing here wouldn’t be a decision that you’d ever live to regret.

Buying a house has become a normal chore due to the availability of home loan options. If you are someone who is looking to buy a house in these cities then you must hover the market and make an informed decision.

As far as for the students, the trend of PG in Hyderabad and PG in Bangalore is quite commendable as discussed above.

In conclusion, Hyderabad and Bangalore are cities with a metro outlook but the warmth of a small city.

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