Experienced Extron Programmers for Customized AV Systems

Extron is one of the leading companies in cutting-edge audiovisual technology. They are a respected company with a broad range of products that are great for a variety of applications. They offer products that help with both AV control and automation. However, to get the most out of Extron technology, it is sometimes necessary to hire an Extron programmer or Extron programming company to provide additional functionality. One company that leads the way in Extron programming is AV Programming Associates (AVPA). The programming company is headquartered in Lake Tahoe, California, but completes Extron programming projects across the country.

Extron Programmers for Education Environments

Although Extron products can be found in a variety of environments, from corporate to healthcare to government facilities, AVPA has found Extron technology to be especially great in educational settings, from elementary schools all the way to colleges and universities.

When the Coronavirus unexpectedly sent millions of school-aged children and young adults home to learn, schools had to make due with the technology that they had. Now that worst of the pandemic is behind us, schools at all levels are upgrading their remote learning capabilities after seeing where their existing systems were deficient.

At AVPA, they are able to provide programming for Extron systems in educational environments that help make remote learning more engaging and easier to access. They program systems that are also easy for educators to use effectively. They understand that if a system is confusing or difficult to operate, it won’t get used—or at least it won’t get used to its full potential. Given that most educators aren’t trained in AV technology, AVPA strives to make the AV systems they program as user-friendly as possible.

Using Extron technology, teachers and professors can easily switch between media sources, allowing them to provide their students with content from websites, DVDs, or just about any other audio or video source.

Live streaming is also made simpler using Extron technology. Students can learn from anywhere, while still feeling like they’re part of the classroom. They can interact with teachers and professors and collaborate with other students in ways that were previously difficult or even impossible.

Why Work with AVPA for Extron Programming?

One of the unique things about the Extron programmers at AVPA is that they are willing to work on existing Extron systems. If your facility has an older system that is in need of updating or expanding, the Extron programmers from AVPA can often work with your current technology to give it the functionality it needs. They can even provide troubleshooting for older Extron systems that aren’t working as they should. Unlike other Extron programmers, AVPA won’t automatically tell you to rip everything out and start from scratch with all new equipment. Rather, they will work with you to give you the system you need that’s still within your budget.

However, if you are installing a brand new Extron system, they are happy to provide you with customized programming for that as well! At AVPA, they work hard to give all of their clients the functionality they need in an AV system, while helping to keep projects on time and on budget.

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