In recent times, the male cosmetic industry has started to boom, which has also seen the rise of men facelift Toronto. There are subtle variations amongst the two genders in the facial anatomy and tissue traits, hence the surgeon needs to be experienced in male facelifts. Lately, people have started to openly embrace cosmetic procedures for both men and women. However, not a lot is talked about men facelifts. So here is your guide to it.

What makes a male facelift so unique?

As compared to women, men have thicker skin, so as they start to age the facial muscles become lax and sag especially in the mid-face, neck and jawline. The heavyweight of the skin also makes the eyes droopy and the strong muscles give rise to furrow brows or crow’s feet. If you are a smoker, drinker or lead a stressful life then it can have an impact on your skin. Hence, a facelift requires a more robust approach. The techniques which are used are more comprehensive. “Deep Plane’ technique is made use of which helps to reposition the deeper facial muscles along with fat pads and skin. The incisions which are made on the face during the procedure also heal more quickly due to the blood supply to the thicker skin.

When men opt for a facelift the primary goal that they have in mind is to achieve and maintain their youthful masculine appearance. They wish to preserve their angular bone structure and prominent jawline. Though the facelift approach for both men and women is similar, men require special attention due to their beard, facial hair and higher hairlines. During the facelift, a jawline needs to be created which doesn’t compromise on facial hair growth. Tiny incisions along with hairline are made to prevent the distortion of facial hair. The skin is moved in a direction so that it is not at odds with the neck and beard hair.

When should you opt for a mini facelift?

If the signs of ageing are subtle and early, then you should consider opting for a mini facelift rather than a facelift. Slight sagging in the mid-face or jowls is the early signs of ageing. In a mini facelift, shorter incisions are made. It is a less invasive approach which tightens the skin. As it is a mini facelift, the recovery time is less and also helps to keep away the severe signs of ageing for a longer time.

How to choose the perfect plastic surgeon?

It is a no brainer that you need to go for a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery but also with whom you are comfortable. Whether it is a facelift or any other cosmetic procedure it is very important that you share a level of comfort and trust with your surgeon and are able to discuss your aesthetic goals with them. Going through the before and after pictures will help you get a better idea of what to expect.

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