Features of different solar products

  • Solar panel – The solar panels are installed on the rooftops as it mainly functioned by absorbing sunlight and convert it into electricity. Solar systems do not need more maintenance it only needs to repair once in a year to ensure that these will better function. These are consistent as well as constant power source that can be utilized for forecasting weather and seasonal sunlight. Also, facilitate the energy security which makes you highly independent. One of the most important features of solar panels is that these are quite small in size so that developers can get relatively original and creative in the relation of where and how to base them. Along with this, it facilitates a better degree of protection because panels will create a protective barrier, controlling heat and sunlight from the striking roof directly. The operations of solar systems do not make noise or perform silently. The would suggest you choose off the grid solar panels because most of the people believe that modern society is unfavorable towards their mental, physical as well as personal health.
  • Solar inverters – It consists of the solar panels, inverter, charge controller, and batteries and it should be noted that panels do not make alternative current, the inverter convert direct current created by it. As solar inverters are beneficial for households as well as industrial purpose because it facilitates power backup plan to them. There are so many inverters in which the grid-tied inverter is highly used because it stops working instance of the failure of a grid. The solar inverter makes your property attractive and efficient and increases the value of it. This is the main reason why property equipped with the solar systems are eye-catching high price within the market place. Inverters get more connected and smarter with the demand as the demand for this technology will grow continuously. As the inverter is a right set of performance, ease-of-installation, durability as well as connectivity that will make setting up a breeze without any doubts.
  • Solar inverter accessories – In solar inverter accessories, we include an electric board, optimizers, trunk cables, connector clips, and additional components, etc. Inverter accessories that we supply are designed for the proper functioning of an inverter. An optimizer will enable additional power conversion for all solar inverter. Also, we facilitate maximum power tracking which helps to converts the variable direct current output of a photovoltaic solar panel into alternating 240V current. The best place to put this inverter is away from direct sunlight along with proper air ventilation. Solar inverter accessories find battery switches, inverter fans, remote controls, grid interfaces, conduit boxes, low ideal current alternative, generators starters, stacking kits, roofs, weather shields, mounting plates for inverters. Accessories of the solar inverter are liable for the safety as well as the quality of power which is coming out of solar systems and optimize generations under various circumstances to increase the volume of energy produced.
  • Solar micro inverter and optimizer – Its main function is to convert the direct current generated by a single solar module to alternating current. It provides a higher rate of production and it is more cost-effective. Cable size is smaller, gives minimum maintenance loss, you can expand it easily, it can be suitable for residential buildings and easy installation is also available. The replacement cost is high of solar microinverter and it has a higher initial cost but it is very reliable as well as safe to use. As micro-inverters and optimizers take complete assistance of the production volume of all the solar panels independently irrespective of alignment to the sun. it will ensure that the flow of alternating current electricity produced maximum to your electric grid and fuse boxes. These types of inverters are operated on all panels of a solar array and these have low output power which is less than the 250 W.
  • Fuel save controller – It is a better quality of control mechanism and very easy to use which mainly targeting the fuel-saving originator application. Fuel save controller is not only used for prime power producer system but also used for grid-connected systems of photovoltaic with several advantages. The seamless interface between the PV systems, loads, and gensets, the Powernsun’s fuel save organizer is highly compatible with the sunny central inverters and sunny tripower. It will manage the photovoltaic feed demand according to the generation as well as load profiles. It will make sure better security along with the minimized costs of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Also, it facilitates the structured configuration wizards and better transparency on the flows of energy for users PV modules which have been installed anywhere in the entire world. it will also avoid theft or misuse of fuel and thus save money.
  • Solar monitoring and control systems – To maintain and monitor the effectiveness of solar panels, there is the requirement of monitoring as well as controlling mechanisms. Data acquisition, logging as well as the conversion of protocols of inverter data the system is mainly used. It is also known as a cloud-based monitoring system that facilitates a kind of service and gather the critical parameters from the solar panels and form it easily accessible at any-time and anywhere.       These systems can monitor and control the energy meters, string monitoring boxes, batteries, solar photovoltaic inverters, weather stations, protection devices, as well as many other essential aspects. These are known as an intelligent mechanism which enhancements the energy of power plant from 2 to 6% by enhancing the procedure of tracking individual’s rows on regular basis concerning site natures as well as dynamic weather conditions. Its revolution the intellectual of power consumption and generation into the visuals and statistics on which you can manuscript through on an app.
  • Solar charge controller – The solar power system uses 12V of battery and the continuous supply of voltage makes the device charge completely. This enhances the solar system to work consistently, but the high voltage in the wire diminishes the solar panel. To avoid complete damage in the solar power system, the solar charge controller is introduced. This helps in controlling the reverse flow of power. As the charge controller recognizes when no power is rooted in the solar panels. Later, the circuit separates the solar panel from the battery devices and halts the reverse current flow. This process helps in using a limited power supply that runs the device smoothly. To ensure a sufficient flow of power, it is mandatory to install a solar charge controller. This feature prevents your battery from overcharging. Also, the solar charge controller includes a LED device for detecting power leakage, battery status, and charging status. The solar charge controllers are also used as input for other household charging equipment like intrusion detection for generators, low fuel, and batter starters. The would be suggested for quality products and better services for the in-vogue society.
  • Solar structures – These are created and designed for various applications such as carports, charging stations, roof mounts, solar farms, canopies, ground munt, and so many others as well. Our solar structures can range from high canopies of architecture to big institutional commercial as well as utility-scale installation of solar panels. The wall of structure can assist to make relaxed environment and surroundings because it acts as thermal storage for heating in this formation. The solar structure which is offered by powernsun is very light in the weight as well as absorbs photon even while the sunlight is very low. Yield the benefits of renewable energy and the sun’s free energy thanks to our photovoltaic structure ranges. These structures give proper assistance along with the formation of personalized design and solutions to satisfy chosen appealing of exact circumstances whether the stated application or traditional outline is needed. It also facilitates supreme durability, fast construction, and very low maintenance issues.
  • Solar cablesSolar cables are the insulated wires which are used for transmitting electricity and for telecommunication signals. The material used in solar cables is copper and aluminum and it demands low maintenance. It is a photovoltaic and renewable energy source power system. Survivability of solar cables stand at high temperatures (-40•C to 90•C) and even in extreme weather conditions with high mechanical strength such as compression, tension, bending, and shear loads. The cables are mainly U.V and Ozone resistant along with the chemical and oil resistance and have low smoke emission and low toxicity. They are environmentally friendly. It can be used in indoor and outdoor areas, and also resistant to mites, termites, and rodents. In case of fire, these are very beneficial because cables are halogen-free and flame retardant. The installation of solar cables is fixed and flexible. Proper cable installation and maintenance are very essential, so we can avoid sharp corners, direct exposure to sunlight, unnecessary bending, and exposed circuits, so it can increase the life span of cables, as the minimum life span of solar cables is 25 years.
  • Solar PV combiner boxes – The solar combiner box is typically known as an additional feature that you have added to your solar project. Some of the examples of additional features include disconnect switches, the remote device for rapid shutdown and monitoring equipment that can be added in solar panels to make them combiner boxes. It increases the panel’s safety as well as secure entire PV plant and solar PV combiner box is also known as DC switchboards. It is mainly used for creating a link between the photovoltaic inverter and array to decline the size of cables for better connectivity, increase reliability as well easy to maintain and control. It is manufactured for the high efficiency and performance and thee works as a supporting system of PV inverters of photovoltaic power generators. It helps to minimize the cost of maintenance and provide better safety of solar installation where various strings of panels require to be associated in parallel.
  • Solar MC4 connectorsSolar MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical in nature which is mainly used for joining solar panels. In the word MC and 4 stans for the manufacturer multi-contact and 4mm diameter of the contact pin. They make the wiring of your solar array is much simpler and faster by meeting the requirement of electrical code. The engaging in supplying the MC4solar connectors that incorporate the lithe watertight stopper and supplied as a set of males as well as female types. Through which one can join solar cables within the photovoltaic system. These serve as a secure serial, parallel caballing, and time-saving of modules in the solar panels. MC4 connectors are waterproof and protect 100% against the rain. It also secures the moistures like dust, humidity, and UV rays. It has an interlock system in it which prevents cables from being pulled apart even unintentionally as well.
  • Cable tray cover – It facilitates the advanced protection for cables from failing the object debris, environmental aspects, and sunlight. This kind of product is highly in demand within the market because of its suitability and sturdiness for fittings and electricals. Moreover, we supply products according to the customer’s requirements and these are customized as well. Mainly the hot-dip galvanized cable tray covers supplied by that are highly demanded the use of industrial as well as commercial building and other places also. The main features of the cable tray cover are that it is more doable and have accurate dimensions with the availability of different widths. Also. These are easy to install and make with robust design and provides the strengths to the industrial grades. It also requires low maintenance and better resistance against the corrosions. These covers are often required to protect and cover the tray contents and allow side ventilations.
  • Energy storage system – The main function of the energy storage system is to provide energy when there is no availability of sunlight. The energy storage system has various sources like a rechargeable battery, hydroelectric dam, ice storage tanks, fossil fuels, and food in all these they can store their energy. All these resources have a different form of energy such as chemical energy, gravitational potential energy, electrical energy, and so on. As in rechargeable batteries, chemical energy converted into electrical energy so we can operate our mobile phones, and as we all know the food is a form of chemical energy. The energy storage system presents in the form of a distributed generation or DC power form and then converts into AC and then it delivered to the power grid. They provide us stability, power quality, voltage fluctuations and also have a limit on the number of DG units used. They also reduce the reverse power flow and smoothing grid power. It helps in balancing the unbalanced networks. In renewable energy generators, they have to raise their reliability and maintenance.
  • On-grid solar system – In today’s era as we all know that the cost of fuel and electricity is rising day by day so we all are moving to the solar panel system. The on-grid solar system mainly used by homeowners. It converts solar power into grid power.  There is no need for batteries because they are connected with the public electricity grid and use solar inverters. On-grid solar systems are not able to generate electricity during a blackout due to safety reasons. The advantage of the “on-grid solar system” is, it is clean and cost-effective and has proper installation. It also balances electricity bills and business can recoup their investment in 3 to 8 years. Residents can earn passive income from this and there is no problem arise regarding maintenance. You can use the on-grid solar system on your rooftop to save electricity for many years. To utilize the stored energy, the grid system will convert solar radiation into electrical energy for use. It is an eco-friendly way. It only works when there is a constant flow of electricity from the power grid.
  • Solar street lightSolar street light are wireless and directly run by the solar panel. As it absorbs solar energy in the day time and then utilizes it in the night. solar energy converted into the electrical energy by photovoltaic cells. There are so many advantages to using solar street light firstly, they are non-pollute, secondly, they require less maintenance, and lastly, they are independent of the utility grid. They also decrease the chances of accidents by eliminating the external wire fixation because it includes strangulation and electrocution. one of the main importance of solar street lights is they light up the street’s whole night without any power cuts and grid failure. The solar street lights are powered by photovoltaic panels LED lamps or fluorescent and rechargeable batteries. They lower the chances of overheating. People prefer conventional lights over solar lights because their initial investment is too high.
  • Solar pump – The solar pump can get water from the open well, canal, bore well, stream, pond, etc. Solar pump electricity can be generated by photovoltaic panels. When grid electricity is unavailable solar panels are more useful. For using solar pumps, we use the sun/ UV rays to generate electricity, it lowers the whole operation cost and environmentally friendly. There are so many talks about the uses of solar pumps, benefits, and more. It is used in residential and commercial areas more. It is generally low maintenance; any people can afford the solar pumps. when the hot and sunny season came people use more water and reserve the water in a container. So lastly, it is the best choice of choosing the water pump for industrial water supply, livestock, crop irrigation, and even residential area and swimming pool applications and more.
  • Solar refrigerators and freezersSolar refrigerators and freezers use solar energy which is absorbed by or store in the solar panel. The use of solar refrigerators decreases electricity bills. It is a preferable choice where the power cut is a major problem or having a lack of electricity supply. Solar panels need proper sunlight of 5 hours a day. There are various types of solar refrigeration systems like photovoltaic operated refrigeration system, solar mechanical refrigeration, absorption refrigeration. The benefit of using solar refrigerators and freezers is that they are energy efficient by using a 250-watt single panel and they give a full charge which can maximize energy efficiency. As mentioned above if one’s place is more prone to Power cuts then the solar refrigerators are most reliable to use. They are safe and have clean energy sources and mostly use 12 volts of energy which decreases the chances of an accident like a shock. The installation is easy and proper and has free maintenance and also there is no need for fuel or any gas.
  • Online and line-interactive UPS – The benefits of line-interactive UPS include that they have higher reliability and high efficiency. Also, they have voltage fluctuation conditioning and lower electricity consumption, component count, and also lower operating temperature. Now the benefits of online UPS involve the conversion time from direct current into the alternating current is negligible with no gaps in coverage. They have a proper and better voltage regulation; no fluctuation and the voltage are having stable voltage quality. There is no complaint of distortion in voltage quality and it has high protection against all power irregularities. In line-interactive UPS when the voltage crosses its normal threshold value then it automatically corrected by automatic voltage regulation without switching on batteries. In the comparison of the cost-effectiveness of these systems. the line-interactive UPS systems are less expensive as compared to the online UPS system.
  • Power back-up products – Everyone should always have some backup plans in their lives so they don’t lose their hopes. So, it goes the same with the power backup products. It works as emergency shelters in medical services, clean water, emergency lights, communications and electrical services, and so on. These power backups are run by diesel which is placed on the roof for safety purposes and these are heavy and difficult to renew. There are some Power backup supplies like UPS, batteries, generator, inverters, automobile batteries, industrial batteries, and tubular batteries. The benefits of having a battery backup system mean lowering the price in comparison to utility rates and energy production is more reliable due to solar intermittency. In addition to this, it results in having more resilient power supply and has off-grid functionality along with a better public image. It’s a great way to attract customers and it also reduces dependency on non-renewable resources. It is the Cost saving power back up products.
  • Solar hybrid system – The key feature of the solar hybrid system is the powerful battery inverter that helps to deliver heavy loads progressive multi-charger regularly for leading lithium batteries as well as an acid with automated UPS functions. The hybrid solar system combines solar power from the PV system with other power generating sources of energy. One of the common hybrid mechanisms being coupling PV, diesel generators as well as a photovoltaic generator that are called diesel gensets. It allows you to accumulate the additional solar at a low cost of electricity. Also. allows utilizing that stored energy while they have peak times. Most of the hybrid solar systems have efficient backup power ability. The minimization of power consumption from the grid or reduce demands that it enables to do the advanced management of energy or power. These kinds of products have net-metering systems in it and these may be combined one or more forms of employing wind power, diesel, generation, solar PV system and many more and even though the storage system is not essentially required to store energy.
  • Water purifier – Various minerals are available naturally in water and it is essential for the human body. To drink clean water and reduce particles from water, the Water purifiers are needed. As water purifiers ensure that you will not have any water bone diseases by providing safe as well as clean drinking water as per the demand. It minimizes several diseases like cancer as these are very dangerous for human health. While you drink purified water then you decrease the bacteria and chlorine from the body and gives you a healthy lifestyle. It satisfies the requirements of pharmacological, industrial, medical as well as chemical applications for getting portable and clean water. This mainly removes various contaminants like parasites, excess saults, microbes, algae, suspected particles, viruses, bacteria as well as fungi and retain the minerals and vitamins. In addition to this, it does work in removing water impurities and convert hard water into the soft water. Generally drinking pure water protects the human body from several diseases which may cause health damages.
  • Lighting products – This type of product has many distinct features and delivered exceptional features because they are using less energy or save energy. This will assist to save your money on lighting bills or energy utilities and protect the environment by minimizing the emissions of greenhouse gases against the climate changes. Lighting products are certified for their quality and minimizing the edge design with the latest technologies. Products include chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendants, etc. that are available in a broad range in decorative designs which helps you to décor and maintain your space with personalizing features or requirements. While a person used better lighting fixtures then they serve with some stylish exclamations in their living room, bedroom, or dining room. If you are looking for floodlights, landscapes lighting, and outdoor lighting that can brighten your house, you can go through our products and services to choose by exploring the we supply forward-thinking solutions that create human lives safer while they constructing buildings, offices, homes, smarter as well as sustainable.

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