Garage Door Track Repair, What to Do If It Occurs

It’s no secret that garage doors can be one of the more annoying appliances in the household. Did it close all the way? Why does it keep opening and closing on its own? The list goes on into the blue. As irritating as they can be, garage doors are necessary for most homes and, like all appliances, should be kept in good repair. Regular checkups only go so far, though. Eventually, the door will break in some way or another.

A broken garage door causes a breach of home security. If the door is stuck open for some reason, that is an invitation for thieves and animals to have a free-for-all in your garage. But what is the cause of most garage door repair? That would be a broken garage door track.

What is a Door Track?
A garage door track is the metal path for roller wheels. The track consists of a horizontal and vertical part, while the bend itself is called the radius. These tracks sit on both sides of the door itself, allowing the door to function.

Causes of Garage Door Repair
Broken springs are a common cause of damaged tracks. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can hear the springs break and check out the damage then and there. Other times, you won’t know until it’s too late. Springs need to be checked regularly to prevent an unsafe environment.

Worn Rollers
Worn or damaged rollers are an insidious cause of damage because you can’t always see them in action. The rollers stay hidden within the track, helping the door open and close. If the door seems to be getting stuck or is exceptionally noisy, the rollers may be on their way out of action. Like springs, rollers need to be kept up to date.

Old Hardware
If you’ve recently moved into an older house, it is a good idea to make sure the tracks are functional. Sometimes an oil lubricant is enough to get old tracks running again. Depending on the track’s material, years of exposure to the elements may have caused a buildup of rust. Years of constant use could have jostled the track, sending it off course.

Vehicle Negligence
Sometimes people are in a hurry. You may have backed in or out without waiting for the door to open completely. While there may be a visible dent in the door, the damage is more widespread than that.

What if the Track Breaks?
Broken doors are hazardous, and it is best to stay away. Park your vehicle outside and call a professional out to fix it. In the meantime, you can try to figure out the cause of the damage from a distance. See if the door sits right on the ground. If it does not, the track might be bent. A bent track is something that needs fixing immediately. Get on the phone and call up Universal Garage Door Services to do just that!

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