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In a move to increase their online presence, a massive number of brands now have YouTube channels. Here, the brand can post videos that enlighten the people about what the brand offers in a fun and creative way. The brand can also run other campaigns that it supports. However, with low numbers in viewership, this is a waste of marketing tools. As much as you create content, you need to invest in selling that content as well. So, here are some tricks you could use to increase your engagement on YouTube.

Optimize your YouTube Title

The title on your video describes what the video is all about. When other people search for videos, results come up depending on the title and description. Thus, it would be best if you optimized them to fit what people search for most. You can do this by checking your video analysis, where you can see how all your previous videos performed. YouTube autocomplete also gives suggestions for the most sought after keywords. Alternatively, you can even conduct in-depth competitor research and learn from your competition. As much as you are out to get the searched for keywords, ensure the title aligns with the content as this will give you a constant audience.

Provide Transcriptions

Viewers cannot subscribe to what they cannot understand. Therefore, try and provide a word for word text for every audio in the video. You can also provide for multiple languages. This helps you reach new markets and increase your engagement as many people understand your content. For example, an English video about a PPC agency in London quickly reaches a non-English speaker in a different location. This ensures your customer base grows to international levels. Luckily, YouTube automatically generates transcripts of any video uploaded. This makes your work much more manageable. You can also edit the transcripts for accuracy. Apart from increasing viewership, YouTube ranks videos with transcripts higher.

Make use of End Screens and Cards.

Using cards means displaying links that are related to what the video is referring to at that time. For example, when you talk about a particular product, you can post a link to purchase the product, or to another video where you talk about the product in detail. Before you plug a link, ensure you adhere to the YouTube guidelines to avoid any violations. When you end a video, you can add a few minutes to show links to essential websites, or use the time as a Call to Action. For example, you can give people a minute to subscribe to the channel and remind them it is free.

Create Playlists

Playlists allow you to collaborate with other content creators. Just like how Spotify or Google Music will enable you to create a playlist containing several songs, you can do the same on YouTube. You can create a group of videos and share them with viewers. The videos could be your content about a particular topic or a group of videos from other channels, which relate to yours. Since the videos are connected, you can tap into other people who might like your content.

Improving your numbers on YouTube goes further than growing the number of subscribers. Other figures, such as the watch time also play a massive role in your overall performance. For better guidance, you can contact companies that deal with pay per click, such as MagnifyLab, to magnify your analytics.

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