Handy Online Tools You Must Check Out In 2021

Technology is the greatest gift that we have ever received. It continues to make our life easier and simpler with some of its handy tools. Technology continues to support us day in and day out. It has become an indispensable part of our lives.

In this digitized era, where everything has shifted to an online world, the Internet provides us with some of the very handy tools which are user-orientated. Today with a click, I can convert PDF to word, check my grammar, and whatnot. Here are some of the handy online tools that everyone must-have.

PDFSimpli – To convert PDF to Word

PDFs have become the most widely used file types. They are easy to use and compatible with almost every device. But when it comes to editing a PDF file, it can be a little monotonous and cumbersome, whereas the word files are user-friendly, easily editable file types. This is where PDFSimpli steps in.

PDFSimpli is a PDF editor which helps us to convert PDF into word files for easy editing. It is easily accessible and free of cost.

Grammarly- Grammar made easy

Grammarly is one of the handiest tools that one should keep at their disposal. It is an all-in-one tool that helps correct grammar errors, punctuations, and spelling errors. In today’s world, where everything has gone online, this has proven to be one of the most effective tools.

It helps to proofread the document and point out errors along with providing recommendations to replace them. It also helps improve our vocabulary as it suggests synonyms for different words.

Google Keep- Create, share, collaborate

We process tons of information daily. Our mind contains a million thoughts, and in the daily hustle-bustle of life, we tend to forget some of the important things. That’s what Google Keep is for.

Google Keep is the most widely known note-making app. We can express our thoughts in any form — be it a recording or an illustration, Google Keep helps us do it all. We can create a to-do list, add reminders, etc. It is easily accessible and user-friendly.

Boxbe- Email helper

Boxbe is an email helper which helps users to personalize, prioritize and filter emails. It is compatible with Gmail, AOL, Outlook, and Yahoo. Boxbe helps in screening spam and legitimate emails and is known for its efficiency and robustness.

It helps its users create their personalized guest lists. It helps to prioritize emails and makes sure that we receive emails only from the people we trust.

Toggl- time  tracker

Toggle is a free time tracker app that helps to track time in correspondence with our performance or task allotted. Toggl tracks users’ mind map online apps and helps to keep a record. Along with that, it helps add handy notes with each entry so that we can keep track of our performances.

It summarizes the time we have spent on different activities. It syncs data across all devices and apps to help the user attain maximum productivity.

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