Here Are the Best Places to Live in the Northeast

The Northeast is an extremely underrated area of the country, giving people who live here the chance to keep the beautiful views and awesome property prices the best-kept secret of the nation.  Fortunately, there’s enough room here for anyone who wants a change!

If you’re considering moving somewhere new, and want to live in a city that feels like home immediately, consider moving to the Northeast!  Each of these cities has something that makes it magical.

Burlington, Vermont

At home on the shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington is a dream come true for fans of history, art, and folksy music.  You can explore the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum or stop and check out the houses and folk art at the Shelburne Museum.

The nightlife here is fantastic!  Although there are just over 44,000 people here, there’s so much to do and see that the higher price tag of Burlington houses for sale is suddenly worth it.

Portland, Maine

If you like snow, open water views, the chance to explore cute local shops, and fantastic housing, you’ll love Portland, Maine.  This great city used to be home to nothing but fisheries but has grown an incredible and steady amount over the last couple hundred years.

Locals love the laid-back living, while vacationers love the open water views and comfortable summer weather.  This area is a dream come true for anyone who wants to enjoy smaller city living.

Elmira, New York

This gorgeous historical city offers a lot of beauty, and awesome job opportunities, to anyone who wants to move here.  Although it only has around 27,000 people and has been declining in numbers in recent years, this is awesome for anyone who wants an affordable property that has the space they need.

The older buildings, well-manicured streets, and friendly locals will make this smaller town feel like home in no time.  Make sure to visit in the early summer if you want to see the city at its liveliest!

What to Know Before You Go

When you’re getting ready to move to the Northeast, it’s vital that you know what you’re getting into!  Although not every city on this list will struggle with the same problems, many do.

Although you get pretty warm summers, easily reaching the eighties, winters can get rough.  Snow is guaranteed, and some areas, like Portland, Maine, get 75 inches of the stuff a year.  If you don’t like snow or aren’t used to it, areas like this can be a headache.

On the positive side, this area is full of incredible and long-lasting history.  Indigenous people have lived here for thousands of years, and European colonies first arrived in New Hampshire and further north after 1622.  If you’re a history buff, this whole portion of the country is a gold mine.

The Northeast is a Dream Come True!

Whether you’re considering moving for easier summers or you simply want a change of scenery, the Northeast offers a lot to everyone who stops in!  Consider checking out these cities before your next move!

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