How Can I Get A Health Insurance Plan for My Family?

As you become more responsible for the wellbeing of your loved ones and more and more people become financially dependent on you, you have to set up some plans so that you and your family are well protected in terms of their health. Apart from life insurance, one such key aspect of financial protection that is very important is health insurance. A good health insurance plan provides an assured sum for medical expenses in exchange for regular premiums. If you or anyone included in the health insurance policy falls ill and has to be hospitalized, the cost of treatment will be covered by the health insurance policy.

Now that you have made up your mind to secure yourself and your family’s medical expenses, what is the next step? Should you buy individual health insurance policies for each member of your family or is there a better option? There certainly is some good news in this regard. Because there is something called a family floater plan that is nothing but a comprehensive health insurance plan for the entire family.

What Is A Family Floater Plan?

A family health insurance plan is a type of health insurance that includes more than one person of a family. The policyholder has to pay a single premium amount every year and this provides health insurance for themselves, their spouse and up to 4 children. What’s more, some insurance companies also provide health insurance benefits for parents as well. On top of that, there are options or ‘riders’ to allow for inclusion of extended family members like in-laws. The best advantage of family health insurance plans is that you have to pay a single annual premium for the entire family instead of paying separate premiums for different insurance policies for each member of your family.

How to Start A Family Health Insurance Plan?

In these technologically advanced times, getting a health insurance plan for your family is a breeze. If you already have an existing health insurance policy going on for yourself, contact your insurance provider and ask about including other members of your family in the same policy, or converting your individual health insurance plan into a family floater plan. Naturally, the annual premium as well as sum assured will change as per the new terms of the policy.

However, if you’re going for a new family health insurance policy, first begin with some research online. Compare prices of different insurance providers, check their inclusions and exclusions and then choose one that suits your needs. Since this type of family health insurance covers all members of your family, make sure you choose one that covers a range of illnesses that are common in young as well as old age. This way, whether it is you, your spouse, your children or your parents, a single health insurance policy will cover most illnesses. You can even buy a suitable health insurance policy online.


Thus, it is highly convenient for families to get a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers all members of a family. Health insurance becomes hassle free when all it requires is a single, annual premium for the medical protection of everyone that you’re close to. Family floater plans nowadays have hundreds of different features, right from critical illness riders (appropriate for senior citizens), options to include extended family like in-laws, annual health checkup expenses, to medical expenses for non-allopathic treatments like homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani. So, carefully decide what your requirements are and choose a suitable family health insurance plan that can secure you and your family’s medical expenses.

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