How Can You Add Author Box to Your WordPress Sites

A responsive Author bio box is an effective addition on WordPress Sites. It helps an author to describe himself easily in the form of gravatar, description, and author name. There are several benefits of using an author box. In this article, we will know more about its features, and ways to set it up on WP websites.

Features of Author bio box plugin

The author box plugin helps in the placement of the author box at the end of the blog post. This plugin offers a wide range of benefits to its users. Some of them being:

  • Quick and convenient assignment of posts to guest authors that help in easy contributions.
  • Assign posts to several authors and give proper credit to them.
  • Assign author boxes to appear on specific types of posts.
  • Seamlessly integrate with WP-based website to offer a native experience.
  • Ease to change the appearance, color, typography, and placement of the plugin

Ways to install Simple Author Box on your WordPress website

Having learned about the features, and benefits of a WordPress bio plugin, let us learn more about the procedure of its installation.

Just like any other WordPress plugin, the process of installation is very simple. One can easily perform it from the WP administrative dashboard.

Here are a few steps that you would need to follow to install WordPress Author Box plugin:

  • Log into the WP administrative dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins. Now select “Add New”.
  • A search box will appear. Type “Simple author box” in the field.
  • Once you find “Simple author box”, you need to click on the “Install Now button” present next to it.
  • Now click on the button “Activate”

Method to install “Author Box” plugin installation

The Author Box plugin enables a user to configure some settings that include the addition of customized fields to the user profile of the WordPress website.

Let us the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • Now Sign In to the WordPress administrative dashboard.
  • Now click on Simple Author to configure the various settings that include: Settings, Colors, Typography, and Appearance, and others.

Setting Name – Recommended Action

Manually insert the Simple Author Box – Off

Hide the author box if the author description is empty – On

Show author email – Off

Open social icon links in a new tab – On

Hide the social icons on author box – Off

Hide the author box on archives – On

  • Now go to the settings section, customize the appearance of the author box. Visit the profile of the user (User – > Profile) to customize the details about the author like bio, profile image, etc.
  • Choose a social media platform in the Social Media Links and enter the complete URL to the profile page.
  • Click on Update Profile


Author bio box is a beneficial addition in any WordPress website. If you wish to install this plugin, then follow the above instructions to install Author Box for WordPress website.

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