How Clean Are Your Pillow Cases?

Your pillow cases are one of the things that have the most contact with you. They are also the least noticeable things when it comes to cleanliness. Whether you just came from outside or just slept all day, your pillow cases are full of all kinds of dirt. Not because you don’t see them doesn’t mean that dirt is not there.

Since you are putting your face and hair on your pillows, you should expect that oils, dirt, and sweat are all laying there. Most people don’t realize that the hair holds dirt and filth much as any part of your body does, most especially when you just came outdoors.

Each night, you are rubbing your face all over your pillow cases without knowing that you are already leaving traces of sweat, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells in it.

How Often Must You Change Your Pillow Cases?

Basically, you are the one in charge of how often you must change your pillow cases. It often depends on how you deal with your activities and routines. Thus, changing pillow cases must be done on a regular basis.

If you are always going outside and the nature of your work requires dealing with dirt, most probably you should change your beddings and pillow cases at least once a week. However, that may not always be the case. If you are not staying outdoors most of the time and you observe proper hygiene before going to bed, your pillowcases may last for two weeks or more.

Most dermatologists suggest changing of pillow cases no less than once a week. With people that are prone to having acne, it is better to change it every day if that is how it works for them, but always remember there are two sides of the pillow that you can use. The more often you change your pillow cases, the less likely you are to accumulate unwanted materials which mean fewer occurrences of acne and breakouts.

Reasons Why It Is Important To Regularly Change Pillow Cases

  • Pillow cases can trigger allergies and diseases

In most studies, it shows that 99% of people have accumulated dust mites inside their bedrooms and 74% of them have a specific allergen that triggers allergies.

Allergies from pollen and dust mites are common to almost everyone. Hence, by not changing pillow cases regularly, you are exposing yourself to particles that can go inside our respiratory system and trigger certain conditions like asthma and the like.

  • Your sleep can be interrupted

When you know that your beddings and pillow cases are dirty, sleeping seems to be difficult. Every now and them, you become irritated and itched, causing your sleep to be interrupted.

As we all know, dust mites love dirty pillow cases full of dead skin or pet hair. Whether your pet is staying on your bed or your friends hang out and throw your pillows, you must see to it that you are all set and clean before going to sleep.

  • Dirty pillow cases might lower the immune system

Exposure to frequent allergies and illnesses evidently can cause a low immune system, which is the first step in having illnesses.

Sweat, oils, drools, dead skin cells, and germs are all major factors of bacteria which build up on your pillow cases every second. Bacterial infections start with mild symptoms like sneezing and coughing and when taken for granted, can lead to a more serious condition like bronchitis and other health conditions.

  • Your pillow cases can be stained

Make up is one of the leading factors that can cause stain on your pillows. When you are tired, you tend to just lie on your pillow and rest there until you sleep. Failure to change your pillow cases does not only stain it but also most likely cause development of unwanted smells from a mixture of make-up, drool, and dirt.

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