How does a Customised eLearning Solution Speed up the Learning Capabilities of the Learners?

In the case of a child learning a subject like geography, it becomes difficult to imagine different concepts related to different geographical events. To elaborate to understand the formation of soil, the child has to understand the meaning of weathering of rocks, and the interaction of mineral particles, organic materials, water, living organisms and air. Thus there are multiple concepts that the learners have to understand before touching the concept of soil formation. In the textbook, with a lot of jargon and technical terms along with 1 to 2 pages of explanation, there is a scant chance that all school children may grasp the concepts in a period of a few hours or the time they spend at school each day. The reason being, not all the children are bright and quick on update. Some children are slow learners while some are fast learners. There are also some learners who have to put in a lot of hard work to understand a topic. Under such circumstances, hoping that children can easily understand everything from the textbook may not be a great idea. This is where e-Learning Companies in India come out with a novel idea of using customised e-learning solutions to make the learning easy.

How can Custom E-Learning Development Services Create Tailor-made E-learning Courseware to Simplify the Content?

The idea of creating customised e-learning course materials by the custom eLearning development services is that it would be in sync with the expectations of the schools, children, and parents. That is, the course materials in the e-learning solution will be highly tuned to suit the learning pace and style of the children. This means that there will be a lot of elements that would make the difficult concepts simplified and easy to absorb the content. These elements are two-dimensional and three-dimensional animated content, simulations, infographics, and detailed diagrams. For instance, let us consider the same example of soil formation. In this case, initially, children will be taught each concept, specifically, what are mineral particles; what are organic materials; what are living organisms, and what are the constituents of air? Following this, these concepts will be related to the formation of soil again through animated content. Now one may think these explanations may be available in the textbook too. However, the difference between the textbook explanation and the customised e-learning content created by e-learning companies in India is that the 2-D and 3-D animations will be used along with simulations, which would help the children to grasp the concepts easily. Thus unlike the methodology of learning from a textbook, where the children have to visualise each and every line, the concept of introducing animations and simulations help them by reducing the load of visualising the content at a small span of time.

Content Development Options Offered the Custom eLearning Development Services

e-learning companies in India offer a wide variety of options to the entities who want to get customised e-learning courseware done from them. To be specific, suppose the school only wants to revamp the old content. In such circumstances, e-learning companies in India will convert the old content in text or PDF or PPT format into animated content. The custom e-learning development services also offer the option of developing entirely new content with 2D and 3D animations and simulations along with quizzes, tests, and assignments.

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