How has recruitment changed during Coronavirus?

Whoever thought that a virus could bring the world to a stand-still and change the way things are done? If you asked a business leader in December 2019 their New Year resolutions and new plans for their business, not many would talk about their preparedness for an invincible enemy like Coronavirus; but here it is, changing the way of doing business.

Companies and businesses have been forced to do the unthinkable- recruit online, allows the employees to work from home which means you may have to employ someone, work for them for years without a physical meeting.

Continue reading and see how recruitment has changed during Coronavirus.

Automated screening technology

Time, more than ever before has become the most important asset. You have to implement a technology that will easily pick the best candidate among thousands of applicants. AI-based automatic ranking tools are now becoming common. You can also employ older technology which involves screening questionnaires and filter applicants. A while before, these tools were seen to contribute to a bad experience and choice of candidate but now the power has shifted and the number of candidates is increasing-the tools are essential.

Focus on cutting sourcing costs

Job boards’ relevance is now returning as an effective way of finding applicants again. The problem with these is the high number of unqualified applicants but this is not comparable to other expensive systems. Through job boards, the cost of advertising inexpensive systems like Zoek is reduced. The bulk of talent goes mainstream. However, job boards must be ready to improve technologies to increase the quality of applicants. It’s an opportunity for them to regain relevance. Your applicants’ tracking system which is integrated with the job boards has the screening tools that job boards don’t have. You’re probably in an industry where there is a shortage of skills, get a talent acquisition system with a web sourcing tool embedded into the workflow.

Growing own talent pool

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Coronavirus presents such a time. As an organization, you have an opportunity to grow your talent pool. This situation may not last for long and therefore you have to grow your talent lake as fast as you can.  Get a system that will store applicants’ data and easily mine and match it with job requirements. You will get the volumes from the job boards, candidate marketing, and employment branding -the suggestive technology on the other hand tells you the applicants’ recruiters and hiring managers need to talk to.

With such a system, you’ll be able to grow your pool of applicants, and any time you need such in the future, you will have an easy time. Therefore, this is an area that the human resource of your company can focus on.

Embrace video technology

Coronavirus presents a situation where it’s not easy for people to meet physically. Thus, video screening and interviewing are effective solutions when recruiting staff. Unless it is a must, movement is restrained and therefore you must have in place the video screening technology. This needs to be fully embedded in the applicant tracking system. You don’t need sophisticated video technology with AI, a basic video platform will do.

Most companies find themselves in the murky waters of not knowing how to go about the recruiting process. It’s time for you to up your game, embrace technology, and develop your company talent pool.

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