How has traditional hiring changed over time?

The process of onboarding or recruitment has gone for a vast improvement. A considerable part of this improvement has been due to the advancement in the technological ventures. How has the change come up in the realm of recruiting, and how has it affected the quality of the hiring process?

How has the traditional hiring changed over time?

There have been several improvements that can be helpful in improving the quality of hire. Let us check out and analyze the best enhancements that it has brought ahead.

It has improved your reach beyond boundaries

With the traditional mode of recruitment, the reach of an organization in looking for the right talent extended only up to a certain extent. The advertisements were placed in the local dailies or the concerned trade magazines.

You are now able to reach a wider audience with the power of social media and the internet. This has also given rise to the possibilities of having access to the best talent ever, sharply in contrast to the same candidates you came across with the traditional mode of recruitment. Recruitment tools such as Greenhouse recruiting software can efficiently work towards making the best use of social media in building the best social media outreach.

Video Interviews

The video interviews through the platforms such as Skype have been useful in getting the outside candidates onboard. The candidates would be able to attend the interviews without the need to have airfares or hotel costs.

In fact, the video calling technology in itself has grown beyond what it was just a few years ago. The quality of technology has considerably improved. The earlier fuzzy videos have now been replaced by crystal clear video efficiency.

Easier scheduling of interviews

The software tools in the field of recruitment have introduced newer technologies for conducting the interviews. In fact, it has made scheduling and conducting interviews an easy and simple task.

Interviews can be quite time consuming and tedious. An improperly scheduled interview can cause frustration for both the candidates and the interviewers. This will help you achieve the best results in terms of having access to the best hiring choice ever.

Candidate Driven environment

It goes without saying that the recruitment scenario today has moved towards being candidate driven. The interviews and recruitment procedure today is based on the best possible candidate experience.

In the changed scenario, it is the candidates who run the show. No candidate today is willing to bend their back to mold into your hiring process. Keeping your candidates in the loop has become one of the most critical aspects of the hiring process. Thankfully, this is an area that the software solutions in the realm of recruitment haven been useful in.

Employer branding has become more important

In sharp contrast to the scenario where employers look into what the candidates have to offer to the organization, things have changed considerably. Nowadays, it is the job seekers or the candidates that have been trying to gather as much information as possible about the employer.

That is where the impetus on the employer branding comes to the fore. If you really want to attract the right candidates, you need to improve the employer branding of your organization. Your online presence would be one of the strongest factors that would help you get access to the best possible talent.

Improved networking

The technological advancement has also enhanced the networking possibilities. In the days prior to the Internet and social media network, your interactions with the professionals in the area were limited to the trade events and seminars. If you didn’t attend these events, you would have had no chance to mingle with the professionals and capable candidates.

The internet has now opened up the chances for networking beyond boundaries. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have become synonymous with those events we used to attend in the past. The communication and networking can now happen anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you now have a chance of communicating with some someone hundreds of miles away, just unlike by being limited to a driving distance in the case of old fashioned trade events.

Well, those are a few areas that have practically changed the face of recruitment, both as a concept and an activity. These advancements have been able to achieve a better rate of success, and we do foresee a growing improvement in the quality of hiring either in terms of the candidates you hire or the entire process in itself. Ultimately, these technological advancements have been able to bring in a huge improvement in the experience both for the candidates and recruiters alike. A Win-Win Situation for both, we expect the technology to bring more such improvements in the future.

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