How Much Does Expert Installation Matter with San Diego Replacement Windows?

With many home improvement projects, you understand the importance of hiring a qualified professional. You know how vital it is to hire an experienced electrician, plumber, or roofer. But what about the person who installs your San Diego replacement windows?

While having new windows installed may seem like a fairly straightforward project that anyone who is remotely handy could do, you probably want to think twice before having just anyone to complete the job—especially if you are hoping that your new windows will make your house more energy efficient.

Pretty much all replacement windows sold in San Diego come with standardized energy efficiency ratings. This makes it easier to compare products (as long as you know what the various ratings measure and what the numbers mean—but that’s a discussion for a different article). However, you could buy the most energy-efficient replacement windows in San Diego, but if they aren’t installed properly, you won’t see the energy savings you were probably hoping for. That’s why it’s important to have your replacement windows installed by trained professionals.

At certain San Diego replacement window companies, such as BM Windows, they only allow their own highly trained team of installers install the windows they sell. This is because they understand the importance of proper installation. They know that their customers trust them to make sure the windows they install in their homes are as energy efficient as possible. Every installer at BM Windows has gone through training with the window manufacturers. They are also supervised by someone with many years of experience in window installation.

BM Windows is so confident in the work of their installation teams that they offer a lifetime installation warranty on replacement windows in San Diego. This covers all of the parts and labor used in the installation process. If a homeowner ever experiences a problem with a window that is a result of improper installation, BM Windows will repair or replace the window at no cost to the homeowner! Most replacement window companies in San Diego don’t offer this level of coverage.

Another reason why its so important to go with a replacement window company that uses professional installers is because not doing so could void the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the window. To explain, most window manufacturers will guarantee that their products are free from defects, and will repair or replace any windows that are found to have an issue. However, if it is determined that a window was improperly installed, the manufacturer could deny the warranty claim, leaving the homeowner on the hood to foot the bill for any needed repairs. After spending thousands of dollars on new windows, the last thing you want to have to do is pay more money!

If you are in the market for replacement windows in San Diego, make sure you ask about who will be installing the windows you purchase. If the company says that they subcontract out the installation process, you may want to keep looking for a company that uses installers who are specifically trained in that type of work.

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